Patricia Cori

Patricia Cori


Patricia Cori is an author, lecturer, radio host & spirit guide to the sacred sites of the earth. In 1995, she founded the LightWorks Association of Rome, whose studios served as a healing center, school and the city’s only New Age Library. In 1996, she established the LightWorks travel club, SoulQuest Journeys. She has guided people through sacred sites in Asia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe and Peru, awakening them to Earth energies and the Secret Wisdom.

Patricia hosts the web radio talk show, BEYOND THE MATRIX, on - a program dedicated to exploring new avenues of human thought and experience, and merging science and spirit.



Past Shows:

  • UAP Disclosure / Channeling the Sirians

    Author Whitley Strieber discussed developments in UFO disclosure. Followed by Patricia Cori on messages she channels from the Sirian Council.More »
  • Ancient Wisdom in Medicine / AI & Transhumanism

    Dr. Stephen G. Post discussed RED (remembered experiences of death), Alzheimer's disease, and acts of love and kindness. Followed by researcher Patricia Cori on the latest in artificial intelligence and the race to transhumanism.More »
  • Dulce & Crypto-Hunting

    "Crypto Hunter" John Rhodes discussed Reptilian-Humanoids, the enduring mysteries surrounding Dulce, New Mexico, and the nature of the number 64 as a kind of embedded code. First hour guest, "whale whisperer" Patricia Cori, reported on how our oceans are under attack by...More »
  • Metaphysics, Contacts, & Cetaceans

    Author, contactee, and international speaker Patricia Cori shared her metaphysical interpretations about the universe, cetaceans such as dolphins and whales, Atlantis, and humanity's path. First hour guest, research scientist John Lott criticized the push for more...More »