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Illegal Immigration / Merlin Project Updates

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In the first half, journalist and teacher Frosty Wooldridge discussed his work campaigning against illegal immigration and the ramifications of adding 100 million people to the U.S. population by 2035, with the population rising to 438 million by 2050. The US continues to take in 1.1 million legal immigrants yearly, and that's not even counting the illegals, he said, adding that if we continue in this path, it's like doubling the size of America's 35 most populous cities, with New York going from 8 million to 16 million, and Chicago going from 6 to 12 million. "If we allow this to manifest in our country, instead of planning for our civilization to have a successful destiny, we're mindlessly adding countless millions, to actually become victims of our destiny," he remarked.

The consequences of overpopulation include climate destabilization, species extinction, jam packed cities, air pollution, acidified oceans, and the loss of quality of life, he outlined. "As we toxify the air, the land, and the water, we're doing damage to our cellular tissue, so much so that there's no way to get around it," he continued. Wooldridge believes in America's compassionate nature, but instead of accepting so many refugees, we should help them in their own countries, with water, birth control, and the abilities to sustain themselves, he argued. He also suggested that the US could stop illegal immigration at the borders whenever it wanted to, but Congress and the President are complicit in keeping things the way they are.


In the latter half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist George Hart shared updates from their Merlin Project, which tracks trends for such things as current events, places, products, business people, politicians and celebrities using their birth or start date. Their software-based forecasting technology generates graphical snapshots of time, called Timetraks (view related charts), which indicate increased momentum or activity during a given period. The chart for America shows dramatic activity going on now-- "it's clear that we have maybe the equivalent of the Civil War without the body count," said Guercio.

Interestingly, a chart they ran on the Roswell Incident, shows that this year and the next two years are prime windows for something big-- possibly a new announcement or revelation. A timetrak they created for smart phones shows them becoming even more of a factor in people's lives in the near term (the Merlin Project has an app available for iPhone and Android). Regarding politics, both Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton's charts are at lulls, while Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie's charts are peaking in 2016, and will likely be the presidential candidates that year, Guercio predicted.

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