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Bigfoot Hunting & Research

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In the middle two hours, Jim Lansdale and Bobby Hamilton of the the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) discussed their work researching and hunting Bigfoot. They opined that the creature is a real flesh and blood animal, which may have the intelligence of a human child. Lansdale said he's found structures in the woods-- 6 or 7 ft. tall teepees built from tree branches and limbs that he suspects were made by Bigfoot. Hamilton described his first sighting of Bigfoot which occurred in an East Texas farmhouse in 1969 when he heard a scratching on a window screen. "And when I looked up, this devilish, apish-looking face was looking at me, and was motioning at me with his hand, and showing his teeth." He later learned that his brothers had similar encounters.

The GCBRO hopes to kill what they call a "nuisance Bigfoot"-- a creature known for eating and attacking farm animals and pets, as a way to show the world that Bigfoot does indeed exist. Their efforts will be followed in the new TV series Killing Bigfoot (trailer). Such "nuisance" Bigfoot are an ongoing problem in wooded and swampy areas in Texas and Louisiana, they reported. While the ideal situation would be for them to find a Bigfoot that was already dead, Lansdale said it's not practical to try and tranquilize one of the creatures, because after it was shot, it could run miles away before the drug immobilized it. He estimated that the Bigfoot population in North America is around 30,000.

Space News

First hour guest, space historian Robert Zimmerman talked about the Air Force's unmanned clandestine 'X-37B' space planes, one of which is returning to Earth after being in orbit for around 22 months. One of their purposes is to test equipment in space, some of which involves surveillance that the US probably wouldn't want to share with Russia aboard the ISS, he surmised. Zimmerman also spoke about the latest private space ventures, as well as the Rosetta mission's current study of a comet.

Enduring Mysteries

In the last hour, author and paranormal expert Lionel Fanthorpe shared theories on various mysterious topics. The moving Barbados coffins might be explained by electromagnetic forces affecting lead, while there may be an ancient device gone awry in the oceans of the Bermuda Triangle that causes ships and planes to malfunction, he suggested. Fanthorpe also spoke about psychic vampires, who may seek out energy from others because they are not able to derive pleasure on their own.

News segment guests: Joe Gomez, Howard Bloom

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