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Joining George Noory in the first half, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger updated his work on what we can do to enhance our receptivity to luck and abundance. While many believe luck is just a random occurrence, he suggested that it can be affected by human consciousness. Studies of psychokinesis have shown that things such as weather, flips of the coin, and rolls of the dice can be influenced. "I think we can create a field of energy and thought that cultivates a large increase in luck," he remarked. Thought combined with positive emotions, has the most powerful effect, and this approach, he continued, is in line with modern quantum physics which demonstrates that even the act of observation shapes what potential will become reality.

Some people are so lucky that it defies all reasonable attempts to explain it away by chance, such as winning a major lottery five times, and conversely some are highly unlucky such as a man being struck by lightning seven times over a 35-year period. To create a lucky environment for yourself, Dr. Gallenberger advises getting into a mindset that emphasizes happiness in the present moment, and then recognizing the abundance in your life, and the things you have to be grateful for, and how fortunate you are because of this. It's also helpful to clear any feeling that it is somehow bad to be lucky, or that you do not deserve to be lucky.


In the latter half, author, activist and world traveler, Jake Ducey, who at age 23 has become a spokesperson for the millennial generation, addressed his work encouraging people to search out meaning in their lives and discover and develop new ways to create positive change in the world. "I believe the greatest form of activism is purpose," he said, "and when we're living lives that are centered in something that we stand for, that's when change can occur." When enough people are centered in their purpose, and what matters to them, that's when corporations will start changing their policies and become more worker & environment friendly, he suggested.

In Ducey's latest work, he looked at the commonalities of some of the most successful and influential people. Like everyone else, they faced failures and rejections, but were courageous, and employed actionable strategies to go after their goals and dreams, he outlined. Millennials have become disillusioned with the education process (and being saddled with debt), as well as the political system, and ongoing wars, and are looking for another way. Ducey advocated for the dismantling of the Federal Reserve, and the WTO, and the creation of a WEO-- the World Environmental Organization.

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