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In the first half, founder of the Public Banking Institute, Ellen Brown discussed her interest in alternative cancer treatments and people who have been punished for pioneering effective alternative protocols, the devastating drought in California, and how a private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves. As an attorney, she represented Jimmy Keller, a Tijuana-based healer, who had a remarkable success rate in helping people with cancer. He was brought to the US for a trial on fraud charges, and ended up serving over four years in jail, she recounted. Keller's methods involved diagnosing with the use of radionics, a biophoton machine that detects energy patterns and body weaknesses. The machine was considered quackery in the 1990s, but has now gained more acceptance. However the campaign against alternative medicine, particularly when it comes to cancer treatments, has actually gotten worse in recent years, she added.

The creation of money has become privatized, in the forms of loans and credit, including the Federal Reserve, and the US government has evolved from a democracy into a corporatocracy, she stated. To counteract this, the Federal Reserve could be nationalized, and individual states could run a "public bank" (as is being done in North Dakota), which is funded by state investments, and enables sustainable prosperity, said Brown. She also suggested that the drought in California may actually be a deliberate plan brought about by weather control efforts, and that new research shows there is plenty of water underneath the Earth's mantle.


In the latter half, occult historian and newspaper and magazine reporter/editor Paul Eno addressed how the United States has deep occult roots, shared his theories of what is behind many strange encounters, and talked about his research into the infamous Bell Witch case. The Bell Witch case began in Tennessee in 1817, when the John & Lucy Bell family got into a property dispute with a neighbor named Kate Batts, who supposedly put a curse on John and his daughter Betsy. Subsequently, the Bell family was disturbed by poltergeist-like activity including pounding on walls, increasingly loud voices, and invisible attacks on Betsy. Rather than deceased spirits, Eno concluded that the attacks were caused by parasitic beings who were able to infiltrate our reality from another realm, and feed off human energy.

Eno noted that poltergeist activity also prompted the little-known Connecticut witch trials of 1647-1697, and that his ancestor Nicholas Disborough of Hartford was the victim of a poltergeist attack in 1683. He also talked about the prophecies and premonitions experienced by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and specific parts of the United States that seem to attract an array or flap of paranormal/supernatural activities, such as the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts, where strange lore dates all the way back to the original Native American inhabitants.

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