Roswell Alien Slides/ HAARP & Mind Control

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Roswell Alien Slides/ HAARP & Mind Control

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In the first half, live from Mexico City, renowned historians and researchers, Richard M. Dolan (first hour) and Don Schmitt (2nd hour) discussed the mysterious Roswell alien slides (view), which were revealed to the public during a conference which both had attended earlier in the day. The conference, organized by Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, featured a number of experts, who'd spent months carefully analyzing the two slides. The slides were authenticated to be from the 1940s, and were from the collection of Hilda Ray, a now deceased attorney and pilot, who was married to a geologist, Bernerd Ray, said to be working in the Roswell, New Mexico area in 1947. Further, the Rays were personally acquainted with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower.

Dolan noted that the experts found the creature depicted in the slides to be anomalous, and though damaged or decomposed it was not mummified. Nor was it believed to be a mammal or human. There is a minor blur in the images, which suggests that the photos were taken quickly or surreptitiously, and one of the last surviving persons said to witness the Roswell creature, stated that the image in the slide looks remarkably like what he saw, Dolan recounted. The slides won't be debunked easily, but neither are they definitive evidence without an actual body, Dolan continued.

The presentation in Mexico City of a medical pathologist demonstrated why the body is not human-- among the anomalies was a missing rotator socket in the shoulder, the incorrect number of ribs, and no breastbone, sternum, or pelvic bone, Schmitt reported. There was evidence that the body had been preserved or frozen at one point, and that the photo may have been taken around six months after the being's demise, Schmitt added.


In the latter half, lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich shared updates on Project HAARP (a phased array system in Alaska that can make changes in the ionosphere) and a possible connection to the California drought. While HAARP has the ability to move weather systems around, there is no direct evidence linking it to the western drought, though other countries that have similar technology could potentially be players in attacks or experiments, he conceded. Begich also talked about mind affecting technologies. People's emotional states can be altered by oscillating magnetic fields or flickering lights, in which the brain locks onto external signals and becomes entrained by them, he detailed.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Steve Kates

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