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Inside Current Events/ Shadow Govt. & Secret History

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In the first half, political scientist Joel Skousen discussed a myriad of current events and issues around the world including ISIS, the Middle East, Jade Helm 15, and unrest in the United States. There are many good police in the US, but in general, law enforcement has become too aggressive, as only a tiny fraction of officers are ever held accountable for abuses, he commented. He cited 'police state' conditions in Boston after the Marathon bombing, and suggested that government is "selling paranoia" with a phony war on terror. Almost all the terror prosecutions in the US and Britain since 9-11 have involved an "agent provocateur" or FBI informant who feeds the suspects motivation, conspiracy theories, and even weapons, he continued.

Accounts of the Seal Team 6 raid and killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011 are false, as bin Laden died in 2002 from kidney failure, according to various sources, Skousen asserted. The raid was politically motivated to make Obama look good, and the team actually took down a bin Laden lookalike, he added. Regarding the recent biker gang shootings in Waco, Skousen suggested the trouble was motivated by race issues, as white criminal gangs feel infringed upon by Latino gangs. He also expressed concerned about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercise. While he believes claims of a takeover are hype, he does think it's an escalation in an agenda that is anti-American dissident. "They will be practicing capturing, incarcerating, and transporting people across the country by rail, by air, and having special forces assist in doing house-to-house searches," he explained.


In the latter half, retired U.S. Air Force pilot Donald M. Ware spoke about the shadow world government, Inner Earth, ET agendas, Atlantis, and secret histories. He cited that the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) among other agencies is behind the shadow government, and that they control and manage much that the public is unaware of such as bases on the moon, and Mars, as well as undersea and underground facilities here on Earth, that are inhabited by a hidden advanced society. 50,000 Germans escaped at the end of the WWII and many of them went to South America and hidden facilities, Ware contended.

Admiral Byrd, who came with a military contingent on an expedition to Antarctica in 1947, was picked up by a tractor beam, and there were German markings on the flying saucers that shot down some of his planes, according to one of Ware's sources. Ware also shared some of the "secret history" related by John Leith, an OSS officer in WWII, such as the Nazis having access to higher forms of technology. Hitler escaped, and surprisingly spent the last 35 years of his life as Catholic priest in Ecuador, Ware declared, adding that "I have a very good friend who took communion from him twice." For Ware's take on ETs, check out this video clip.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom

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