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Anunnaki Secrets/ Brain Techniques

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In the first half, scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed the Anunnaki, an ancient ET race he believes created humanity through genetic tinkering to serve as slaves for their gold mining operations. As evidence for the Annunaki's presence, he cited the massive number of ancient stone circles found in South Africa, and Zimbabwe, which date back at least 300,000 years. The circles vary in size from 15 feet across to 450 ft. and Tellinger believes they originally functioned as energy generating devices, though in more recent times some of them have been converted into dwellings.

Just recently someone was drilling in a South African mine, when a wall collapsed and revealed an older mining tunnel that was made with such precision that it could not have been constructed with current technology, he reported. The Anunnaki used a silicon-based technology that incorporated sound and resonance as a source of energy, he continued. The timeline suggested by Zecharia Sitchin for the Anunnaki genetic experiments (around 300,000 years ago) falls in line with the first emergence of homo sapiens, he added. As humanity evolved and started reaching higher levels of consciousness, the Anunnaki became concerned and took away their language (this is what is called the 'Tower of Babel' event), Tellinger explained.


In the latter half, Lisa Garr, host of the syndicated radio program The Aware Show, as well as occasional C2C shows, discussed the brain injury she sustained during a mountain bike race in 1999, her subsequent NDE, and how she rebuilt her brain and life using specific visualization techniques. During her near-death experience, she found herself in a vast expansive dimension, yet she was also able to observe her body below as paramedics worked on her. Interestingly, she experienced the thoughts and feelings of the medics. "It was like I was everything; I was the sky, I was the people down was complete coherence with the entire field," she said.

During her 18-month recovery, she had to regain her memory and language skills, and was able to eventually do so through neurofeedback and various brain exercises. Neurofeedback and EEG techniques can change the chemistry in the brain, and can help for a wide variety of things such as focus, relaxation, performance, sleeping, depression, anxiety, and hormone balancing, she reported. Lisa's motivation to do her radio show developed out of her recovery and NDE, as she opened up to various healing modalities, intuition, and psychic abilities.

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