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Celebrities & UFOs / Talking Boards

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In the first half of the program, paranormal researcher Timothy Green Beckley spoke about celebrities' encounters with UFOs and the paranormal including David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, and Shirley MacLaine, whose interest in UFOs dates back decades. She had a sighting of a giant craft in Mexico, paranormal experiences in Peru, and went to meet contactee Billy Meier in Switzerland, he revealed. Bowie's interest in UFOs also went way back, as he edited a UFO newsletter as a teenager, and had several of his own sightings, Beckley cited. He also detailed a miraculous UFO encounter that occurred to Jimi Hendrix's band, as well incidents involving Sammy Hagar, Moody Blues, KISS, and Black Sabbath.

Larry Warren, who broke the story of the Bentwaters UFO case, joined the show for a segment to discuss how Jackie Gleason confided in him about seeing alien bodies in a freezer at Homestead AFB around 1974 with President Richard Nixon, who was his golfing buddy. Gleason, who had become a huge UFO & paranormal buff with an extensive private library, met Warren in the 1980s after he was publicizing the Bentwaters case. Gleason said the dead alien bodies were about the size of children, and that they were temporarily being kept on ice, possibly after a UFO crash occurred in Florida.


In the latter half, the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija and Talking Boards, Robert Murch discussed the recent popularity of the "Charlie Charlie" game which purportedly can summon a 'Mexican demon' by using two pencils balanced on a piece of paper, like a simplified version of the Ouija board. The origin of the game may have been part of a social media campaign for the upcoming movie, The Gallows, which has a character named Charile, Murch noted. Yet, even if the game has roots in a fictional character, people's attempts to contact or conjure a spirit can have unsettling effects, he commented.

A person's intent in using the Ouija board as well as the type of questions asked are important in terms of keeping the experience a positive one, he said, adding that the chances of contacting something truly evil are very, very low, though not completely impossible. Murch, who founded the Talking Board Historical Society, has thousands of boards and related materials in his collection (view some vintage items), and hopes to one day start a Ouija/Talking Board Museum. Ouija recently celebrated its 125th anniversary in April with a OUIJACON in Baltimore, and the Smithsonian has shown interest in the historical aspects of Ouija and spirit communications, he reported.

News guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Steve Alten, Christian Wilde

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