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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and various minerals and supplements. He argued that diseases and ailments are the result of dietary deficiencies, rather than stemming from genetic causes. Among the health topics he addressed was heart arrhythmia, which he associated with degenerative disc disease or vertebrae moving closer together, which then crush against nerves related to the rate and rhythm of the heart. He treats such conditions by suggesting changes in the diet that reduce inflammation, such as not eating fried foods or processed meats, or consuming various oils that turn into trans fatty acids.

If people want to get rid of their addictions, such as tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, he recommended taking mineral supplements whenever they get a craving. "Usually within a week or two, their addiction is gone," he claimed. Wallach also praised the efficacy of herbs such as burdock root, whether in capsules or tinctures. Plant medicines can provide relief from a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, prostrate problems, PMS, and headaches, he said, adding that herbs have often served as the source for pharmaceutical formulas.


In the latter half, TV producer/videographer and author Tim Swartz talked about his latest work examining the mysterious origins of an emerging and baffling affliction-- Morgellons Disease. The bizarre ailment involves painful lesions in the skin, and the expelling of cotton-like fibers. The CDC conducted tests and concluded that the condition did not demonstrate an infectious cause, and was exacerbated by the sufferer's own scratching and picking, as well as psychological issues. Swartz first became interested in Morgellons when a friend of his came down with it. His friend described an unpleasant sensation like bugs crawling underneath his skin, and some of the lesions with fibers coming out were on his back in places that would be impossible for him to scratch himself.

Another person told Swartz of witnessing an instance where a heat source was brought close to the fibers on a victim's skin, and the fibers actually moved away, in a way that made them seem alive. The disease, which takes its name from an affliction that French children had in the late 1500s, seems to have a contagious aspect that most affects people with suppressed immune systems, he detailed. Some cases of Morgellons have been treated effectively with antibiotics, which has led him to suspect that it's bacterial in nature. Swartz also spoke about the secretive experiments of the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, and his battles with Thomas Edison.

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