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ET Contacts: Science & Psyche

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George Knapp was joined by contactee and UFO investigator Suzy Hansen for a discussion on her lifelong ET experiences. She traced her awakening to the alien encounters to a dramatic abduction experience which occurred when she was twenty years old. Following this event, Hansen realized that earlier strange moments from her childhood, such as seeing a trio of golden glowing entities by her bedside, were likely connected to this ET presence in her life. As she continued being abducted in later years, Hansen concluded that they were not harmful events, since she was always safely returned, and therefore decided to assimilate these experiences into her life in order to understand what was happening to her and learn from her ET contacts. Hansen would allegedly go on to have countless interactions with grey aliens who shared insights into their technology and the future of Earth.

Joining the conversation in the third hour, Dr. Rudy Schild, an Emeritus career astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, detailed his scientific examination of Hansen's claims. He marveled that her case is particularly significant because it is rich in technical details as well as vivid descriptions of the ETs and their behavior. Based on Hansen's accounts of what the ETs told her, Schild surmised that the explosion of the atomic bombs in WWII was the catalyst for the arrival of UFOs to the planet as a way of intervening with the development of the human race. Schild also reflected on the challenge of getting academia to seriously examine the paranormal and shared the story of how he attempted to get his colleagues to study the work of Dean Radin but was dismayed to later learn that their superiors had forced them to abandon the research.

During her appearance, Hansen shared revelations concerning the future of Earth which were imparted to her by the ETs as well as her role in preparing the planet for these events. She recalled an experience in February of 2010 where she was abducted, along with around 200 other people, and taken to an underground facility. At this location, the abductees were shown images of catastrophic Earth changes and were told that they would occur on the planet in the future. About a month after this experience, the group was abducted once again but, this time, were tasked with lecturing potential community leaders about these disasters so that a preparatory population could be developed since, the ETs said, government humanitarian aid would not be able to cope with the aftermath of these events.

Zombies & Psychology

In the first hour, professor of psychology, Travis Langley, discussed the allure of zombie in pop culture and how the trauma of living through a zombie apocalypse would effect survivors. He theorized that zombies have becoming increasingly popular in television and movies because the creatures seem to reflect an underlying concern about a loss of humanity in our culture as well as a longstanding anxiety surrounding our own mortality. Although a zombie apocalypse is almost certainly an impossibility, Langley suggested that, if one did occur, those who managed to live through it would likely be stricken with deep survivor's guilt, but would also be exemplary individuals since they would have managed to outlast their contemporaries. Additionally, he said, the unfortunate denizens of a zombie-infested world would experience conditions similar to combat veterans, where they would be under both constant stress from the situation as well as instances of extreme sudden stress from when danger emerges.


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