Revelation Prophecies/ Divine Phenomena

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Revelation Prophecies/ Divine Phenomena

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In the first half, police officer–turned senior pastor, Carl Gallups, explored coming biblical prophecies and how to prepare for the worst. In September 2015, there is an amazing convergence of events, such as the start of the Shemitah year, the blood moon, Issac Newton's prophecy, and the United Nations meeting on the possibility of global governance, with the Pope in attendance, Gallups outlined. Added to this, we have certain prophecies that have already come to pass, such as the rebirth of Israel in 1948, which started the ticking of the 'end times' clock, he said.

Bible prophecies speak of a group of nations that would align themselves against Israel, along the Euphrates river-- and that is exactly what we are seeing today in the Middle East, he continued. Gallups expressed concerns about civil disobedience, which he believes poses a rising threat in America. He's an advocate for survival prepping, and suggested that people be ready to deal with natural disasters, with food storage, a water purification filter or system, shelter, medical supplies, basic tools, and a weapon to protect yourself and your family.


In the latter half, paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed the various occurrences of divine phenomena including secrets of Fatima, the miracle cures in Lourdes, witnesses of the Virgin Mary in Cairo, and the odor of sanctity where the smell of roses is found at various Catholic shrines. Cook himself experienced this smell at a shrine in upstate New York. This scent is also associated with Marian apparitions (appearances of the Virgin Mary), and such sightings tend to occur at pivotal moments or junctures in history, he added.

The 1531 vision of the Virgin in Guadeloupe, Mexico is one of the most remarkable, as the garment that Juan Diego wore was imparted with the image of the Virgin Mary as a manifestation of the miraculous, he cited. Scientists who examined the cloth found no trace of pigment, and the manner in which it was created could not be duplicated today, he reported. The apparitions seem to serve as demonstrations of faith, and reminders of its importance in people's lives, Cook commented.

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