Carl Gallups

Carl Gallups


Carl Gallups is the long-time Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church. He is the author of the bestseller, "Magic Man in the Sky." Additionally, he is a conference leader, evangelist, and Christian media icon. Carl is one of the founders of video teaching material to the world famous PPSIMMONS You Tube ministry and Biblical apologetics channel. He is a graduate of Florida State University and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.




Past Shows:

  • Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes

    Paranormal researcher William Sheehan reported on violent encounters with Bigfoot. Pastor Carl Gallups discussed his book, The Yeshua Protocol, which reveals Yeshua "codes" in the Old Testament and encoded in our DNA.More »
  • Biblical Prophecy / Uncommon Encounters

    Pastor and author Carl Gallups discussed how current events are aligning with biblical prophecy. Followed by radio host John St. Augustine recounting his unusual and spiritual experiences.More »
  • Demonic Infiltration / Ranking the Presidents

    Pastor Carl Gallups discussed end times prophecy and the demonic infiltration happening around us. Followed by Robert Spencer, who shared his rankings of the U.S. presidents.More »
  • Crop Circle Revelations / Biblical Cosmic Battles

    Patty Greer and Penny Kelly shared their crop circle revelations in the first half. Carl Gallups revealed biblical mysteries concerning a cosmic battle.More »
  • Messiah Revelations / Effectiveness of Prayer

    Carl Gallups discussed Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri's reported vision of the Messiah. Followed by Bill Sweet on the power of prayer.More »
  • Garden of Eden Mysteries

    Carl Gallups linked the ills of the world to the Garden of Eden. In the first hour, Joseph Farah discussed the war against the independent press.More »
  • Biblical Secrets

    Carl Gallups revealed things you may have never known about the Bible. Charles Leerhsen set the record straight on controversial baseball great Ty Cobb.More »
  • American Conspiracies/ Biblical Prophecy

    In the first half, Richard Syrett welcomed researcher and author Don Jeffries for a discussion on the conspiratorial nature of the current US presidential election. During the second half of the program, biblical prophecy expert Carl Gallups talked about the implications of...More »
  • Revelation Prophecies/ Divine Phenomena

    In the first half, police officer–turned senior pastor, Carl Gallups, explored coming biblical prophecies and how to prepare for the worst. In the latter half, paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed the various occurrences of divine...More »
  • Revelation Warnings

    Tsunamis, earthquakes, world wars, nuclear disasters, and upheaval in the Middle East – could it be we are living in the final trumpet days of Revelation? Police officer–turned senior pastor, Carl Gallups, joined Richard Syrett to explore the stunning visions of the Apostle John...More »
  • Prophecy / Private Investigations

    In the first half, Pastor Carl Gallups discussed the messianic prophecy of the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who had a vision in 2005, in which he said he met the Messiah. In the latter half, Ed Opperman talked about his work as a private investigator, and his particular focus...More »
  • Messianic Prophecy / Secrets of Success

    In the first half, Pastor Carl Gallups joined George Noory to discuss the story of the highly venerated Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who, on the Day of Atonement in 2005, had a vision where he claims to have "met the Messiah." In the last hour, founder of the World Peace...More »

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