ET Hybrids, Crop Circles, & Mini Ice Age

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ET Hybrids, Crop Circles, & Mini Ice Age

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the bizarre story of the alleged human-alien hybrid found dead in Los Angeles and said to be involved with the CIA; mysterious and spectacular crop formations found in the wheat fields of Wiltshire, England on the summer solstice this past June, and the breaking story about the sun going to sleep in 2030 and ushering in a brutal mini ice age across the planet.

During her first two segments, Linda reported on the strange and complex death of Jeffrey Alan Lush, sharing an interview with Laura VadBunker, the adoptive mother of a woman who worked with his fiancé and was certain that the pair were ET hybrids. According to VadBunker, the couple would openly discuss their alien heritage as well as the different types of alien entities that exist and also claimed that a widespread government change would be taking place in eight years. Lush, she was told, was a reptilian alien that had been working with the government in anticipation of these changes. Following his suspicious death, VadBunker's adopted daughter subsequently journeyed to Oregon and ceased communicating with her family except for one letter in which she lamented Lash's passing and stated that she needed "time to heal myself." More on the story here and here.

Next, Linda spoke with crop circle investigator Charles Mallett, who detailed an intriguing incident which occurred at the site of a formation that had emerged in England on June 21st. He explained that a pair of tourists attempted to visit the location to view the formation, but had arrived there shortly after the famer had harvested the crop, so it was no longer visible. However, Mallett said, they spotted a tornado formation which burst from the center of the former crop circle and rose nearly 80 feet in the air. A second, smaller tornado then grew out of the ground near the feet of one of the witnesses. When she attempted to get closer to the vortex, an invisible energy barrier seemingly stopped her progress until the tornados disappeared. During the conversation, Mallett also discussed government monitoring of crop circle formations and what they might be trying to learn. Further info.

In her final report, Linda shed new light on the prediction of UK scientists that a mini-ice age would occur on Earth in the 2030's due to weakening solar activity. In response to that hypothesis, solar physicist David Hathaway declared that "I don't believe it for a minute," citing a faulty mathematical function which used past information in an attempt to predict the future. "I've seen enough about the sun to know that the sun is not that predictable," he chuckled, "in particular, going 20 years into the future." He speculated that the mini-ice age claims received a lot of media attention because they are "outlandish" and journalists misinterpreted the findings in order to generate news. Hathaway stressed that although the cyclical nature of the sun's brightness remains mysterious, its effect on the temperature of Earth is extremely minimal.

Virginia Shooting

In the first hour, political commentator and economist John Lott reacted to the shooting of two reporters in Virginia on Wednesday and the ramifications the event may have on gun laws. Although mass shootings often spur calls for greater gun control, Lott argued that the regulation of firearms simply makes it more difficult for law abiding citizens to be able to arm themselves while criminals will not adhere to such restrictions. Additionally, he pointed to a number of instances where mass shooters specifically targeted locations where guns were likely to not be present rather than places like airports that have strong security in place. Regarding the need for greater mental health screening to prevent these shootings, he contended that a little over fifty percent of the mass public shooters were seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist prior to their attack. Therefore, he suggested that predicting that someone may turn violent is a challenge even for mental health professionals.

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