Economic & Social Trends/ Seth Messages

Economic & Social Trends/ Seth Messages


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGeorge Ure, Mark Allen Frost

In the first half of the program, business consultant and financial writer George Ure provided his analysis of the economic, social, and political trends unfolding this year. He suggested that the business/sports model of "franchise" is being adopted across a wide scope of enterprises, such as in the automotive and entertainment industries, and even in the political arena-- with the Republicans and Democrats as two large, but faltering franchises. A big pullback in the stock market is associated with loss of confidence in the various franchises, he remarked.

Using the Elliott Wave theory, Ure foresees a further minor drop in stocks in the fall, but then a possibility that going into 2016 stocks could have a strong rally with the Dow rising to 25,000 or 30,000. However, in the 2017-2018 time frame he sees a big stock crash, and a further dwindling of the middle class and their buying power. Ure also spoke about the appealing trend of "aquaponics," raising high end organic vegetables and seafood in enclosed water systems, as well as how he views social media/networking as a fad with some serious problems, including over-commercialization and privacy concerns.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his encounters with the spirit "Seth" whom he believes is the same entity who previously communicated with the author/channeler Jane Roberts, who died in 1984. Seth wanted to convey his messages in the post 9-11 world in a more simplified manner than in his original communications, Frost explained. "Seth is here to help us prevent what he describes as an extinction event. We...are still in danger of destroying the planet," he added. Frost channeled Seth for much of the interview. "Your planet, through the negative behaviors of humans, has been destroyed countless times," Seth remarked.

From his perspective of existing in a probable future, Seth foresees the next 18 months or so to be a kind of renaissance period with more people awakening and getting in touch with their inner guidance or source, and feudal structures being transformed into visionary systems. Yet, beyond this period, Seth suggested there's an increased probability of catastrophic earth changes, especially volcanic activity in North America, such as at Yellowstone. Seth noted that there's a relationship between the turbulence of human thought and earth changes, and also touched on death and the afterlife, and differences between the physical and etheric body.

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