2016 Timetraks/ ET Disclosure

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2016 Timetraks/ ET Disclosure

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In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, discussed their timetraks for world events, as well as the 2016 presidential candidates. Just in the news, North Korea claimed they've successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, so Guercio and Hart analyzed timetraks of Kim Jong Un, the country's "supreme leader." His charts (see below) show a high degree of activity in this time period and for the next few years ahead, suggesting we'll be hearing a lot about him on the world stage.

Of all the presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders, surprisingly, has the best timetrak, said Guercio, adding that there could be some unforeseen circumstance that will knock Hillary Clinton out of the running. There's some high energy Democratic candidates that unfortunately aren't part of the race such as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii who has a remarkably strong timetrak right now, Hart commented. Economic disruption or collapse could be on the horizon, and Sanders stands to get a big boost from that, he added. They also spoke about the 'terrorism timeline' created from the timetrak of 9-11, which shows a rise now and over the next few years.


In the latter half, political activist and lobbyist Stephen Bassett, a leading advocate for ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding the ET presence, discussed the latest developments happening in the push for government disclosure of what they know. In an interview with the Conway Daily Sun, a small paper in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton said she wants to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery, ETs may have already visited us, and that her campaign manager John Podesta has encouraged her interest in the topic. "Even though she's still a presumptive favorite, she's facing a lot of issues, and a major change of subject, something that doesn't have too much downside, could be what she needs," Bassett remarked.

However, he believes that rather than Clinton, Obama could still be the disclosure president. He'd not old enough to be part of the original cover-up, and he could go to the public and say something like: 'I have been informed. Yes, our government at the national security level knew about this going all the way back to 1947. And there was a decision for national security reasons that this needed to be fully contained as much as possible. Things started to change after the Cold War, and at this point...it's become appropriate for the people to know...No reason to be concerned or fearful.' Bassett foresees that the majority of the public will be fascinated and want to know more, rather than angry that the government has waited all this time to tell them.

News guests: Craig Hulet, Charles R. Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts


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Paul Guercio and George Hart provide a set of Timetraks in tandem with their 1/6/16 show appearance:


Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un-- Appointed Head of Army

Kim Jong Un-- Appointed 1st Secretary

Kim Il Sung



Joe Biden 11/20/1942

Lincoln Chaffee 3/26/1953

Hillary Clinton 10/26/1947

Andrew Cuomo 12/6/1957

Martin O'Malley 1/18/1963

Bernie Sanders 9/8/1941

Jim Webb 2/9/1946


Jeb Bush 2/11/1953

Ben Carson 9/18/1951

Chris Christie 9/6/1962

Ted Cruz 12/22/1970

Mark Everson 9/10/1954

Carly Fiorina 9/6/1954

Jim Gilmore10/5/1949

Lindsey Graham 7/9/1955

Mike Huckabee 8/24/1955

Bobby Jindal 6/10/1971

John Kasich 5/13/1952

George Pataki 6/24/1945

Rand Paul 1/7/1963

Rick Perry 3/4/1950

Marco Rubio 5/28/1971

Rick Santorum 5/10/1958

Donald Trump 6/14/1946

Scott Walker 11/2/1967

Additional Timetraks:

United States of America

Vladimir Putin


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