Mind Control & Programming/ The Tarot

Mind Control & Programming/ The Tarot


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsStewart Swerdlow, Arthur Rosengarten

In the first half, medical intuitive, author and lecturer Stewart Swerdlow talked about mind control and various concepts such as "end times programming," and a "staged alien invasion." What we're seeing unfold today is the fulfillment of the script of the Book of Revelation as orchestrated by the Illuminati/government, he said. The end times, which are playing out in front of our eyes, include war, financial collapse, and drastic earth changes, and this will lead into the staged alien invasion, a staged second coming of Christ, acceptance of the new world religion, and global government, he continued. The goal of this end times programming is to create a situation of fear, so that the population can be more readily controlled and amenable to global government, he outlined.

Swerdlow says he was recruited for specific government mind-control experiments which enhanced his natural abilities, and that he was part of the Montauk Project from 1970 to 1983. He revealed that out in the edges of our solar system, in the Kuiper Belt, "there is massing there a fleet of beings both from other parts of this universe as well as interdimensionally," who feel threatened by what is going on on our planet and are plotting to get rid of the Illuminati. That is why the Illuminati have stepped up their control agenda, he explained.


In the latter half, clinical psychologist Art Rosengarten discussed the 600-year old Renaissance-based Tarot deck and how it's potentially a high-powered psycho-spiritual instrument for the 21st century that can help us to explore personal, cultural, political, and global problems of our age. The divination practice can open up a new window in our psyche, using pictures and symbols to free associate and extract relevant messages and information, he noted. Tarot reading works best by experiencing the cards freshly, and opening up your thinking in a creative way, he shared.

Rosengarten described the unusual experience of doing Tarot readings inside several crop circles. He asked the circles what their message was, and there was a reoccurring theme that had to do with balance and being aware that we are in a planetary crisis. He also spoke about the Tarot deck he designed "TNP-- Tarot of the Nine Paths," which adds five new archetypes to the Major Arcana cards (view related video). Rosengarten randomly selected Tarot cards to represent the twelve remaining presidential contenders in the 2016 election, and detailed the symbolism behind what turned up. In the last hour, he provided spontaneous readings for callers.

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