Human Transcendence

Human Transcendence


HostJimmy Church

GuestsWilliam Henry, John Edmonds

Author, investigative mythologist, and futurist William Henry, who specializes in human transformation, joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss an evolutionary turning point he calls the 'Skingularity,' when human flesh will mesh with advanced technology. The Internet of today will give rise to an advanced artificial intelligence that can read our minds and think for us, Henry explained. The forerunner of this technology is literally in our hands now, he added, pointing to the smart phone. Henry described a time in the not-so-distant future when humans will be implanted with technology to increase intelligence.

The key component of the 'Skingularity' will be the implantation of a chip or nanobots that will link us to a synthetic neo-cortex, an artificially intelligent super brain, he continued. "[The Technorati] believe that you will want to trade your measly, puny, single brain for interconnection to nine billion other brains that's going to make you a super being," he said, comparing it to the biblical account of Satan's temptation of Jesus. Humans will be trading free will and individuality for the opportunity to be turned into robosapiens with a hive mind, Henry warned.

"It is going to happen very soon," he said, predicting such advancements by the year 2020. Henry drew parallels between ancient traditions about a power cloak with godlike abilities and Google's development of a nano-nutrient skin. He believes this and other technologies will eventually be mandated and transform humanity into something else entirely. "We are creating a new environment for humanity that humans were never designed to live in," he disclosed, noting how the Anthropocene era is better for machines than humans. He suggested a cosmic kill switch in the form of a coronal mass ejection could possibly occur and change this destiny.

Alien Ranch

First hour guest, Arizona ranch owner John Edmonds, revealed details of disturbing alien activity on his property. He detailed some of the ranch's sordid history, and after moving there recalled meeting a machete-wielding transient who told him, "I'm the guy who keeps the monsters away." Edmonds reported seeing golden illuminated spheres like the Phoenix Lights, giant black triangles, flying saucers the size of a stadium, as well as grays and creatures which looked like they had been made from Brillo Pads. "We literally started seeing gray alien beings in our house," he said, noting how two or three of them would appear in his bedroom at night. According to Edmonds, the aliens are not friendly, are responsible for painfully mutilating some of his horses, and they definitely have an agenda.




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