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2016 Numerology/ Psychology & Supplements

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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants addressed what the year 2016 means numerologically, as well as provided a rundown of the numbers for the US presidential candidates. With 2016, we have entered the World Number 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9), and the 9 vibration brings projects and whatever else you have been working on to completion, she announced. As opposed to 2015 (an 8 year), in 2016, people will be less divisive and work together more, she said, adding that we could expect to see world leaders functioning more as a group to defeat or weaken ISIS.

2016 is also a good year to evaluate which relationships are working in your life, possibly taking healthy ones to the next level, and moving away from negative ones, she advised. This year is not the most ideal to launch something new because we are coming to an end of a cycle, she noted. Regarding the candidates, Hillary Clinton has 3-6-9 numbers, which are naturally aligned, and suggests 2016 will be a strong one for her; Donald Trump has entered a Personal Year of 2, which means he could be overly sensitive and emotional, and his downfall may be related to his own utterances, she cited.


In the latter half, expert in the fields of communication and relationships, Dr. John Gray, discussed his groundbreaking work describing the innate differences between men and women. He has also developed tools for men to look within and discover their purpose and mission. In his new work, Conscious Men, he explores the idea of "new masculinity,"-- men who are more aware, open to out-of-the-box ideas, and cognizant of how they affect other people, especially in relationships. Both men and women are being challenged to balance the masculine and feminine qualities in themselves, he said. Men are learning to manage or defuse their anger, as anger doesn't get them what they want, he suggested.

It's key for men to be active, set goals, and yet be able to tune out at times, he stated. What lowers stress for women is talking about their problems which increases their oxytocin levels, but for men, it's the opposite-- they need downtime to regenerate, Gray reported. Tongkat ali, a natural supplement from Thailand increases libido and testosterone, while low doses of the natural mineral Lithium Orotate (different from prescription Lithium) is helpful in treating depression and anxiety, he continued. In new studies about the glycoprotein GcMAF, it's been discovered that people with autism and cancer don't have this protein, which is necessary to activate Vitamin D, he added.

News guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jerome Corsi, Neil Slade

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