2016 Astrology/ Fukushima Dangers

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2016 Astrology/ Fukushima Dangers

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In the first half, astrologer Susan Miller joined Lisa Garr to talk about her views of what 2016 has in store. She began with a discussion of the many planets which will be in retrograde motion across the sky throughout the year, specifically Mercury, which astrologers say affects business contracts and the workings of machines, among other aspects. Miller cautioned listeners to be especially deliberate and careful in their actions for the next few months since she says mistakes will be more easily made. She also took a look at the upcoming presidential elections and commented on the astrological forecast for Hillary Clinton, saying that her electoral base will "stick to her like glue," and that Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have astrological charts that will help them in the election cycle. She says that the luckiest day of the year for 2016 will be September 25th, especially for those with birthdays on or near this date because this is when Jupiter and the Sun will be in conjunction. Miller stressed that "nobody believes in astrology until they study it," and that her job is "to show you what is there, and it is your choice to do what you want to do. It's not predestination."


In the second two hours, Master Systems Engineer Dennis Watts spoke about the dangers still posed by the Fukushima reactor disaster and how Japan and the United States seem to be effectively ignoring the problem, and more importantly, solutions that seem to work. After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami damaged the reactor cooling systems, two hydrogen explosions destroyed the backup cooling systems and the nuclear fuel began to melt down. Watts says that radiation is still leaking into the groundwater, soil and "into the ocean basin itself." He also reported that the Japanese government has made it a felony to even discuss the problem publicly, compounding the problem.

The main radioactive byproduct that is continuing to be released into the environment is Cesium 134, but Watts says that there is a panoply of other harmful isotopes that are leaking from the disaster site. As far as getting things back to normal, he says that "the solutions are there, we just need to get these implemented as quickly as possible." His Nexxus Environmental Corporation has prepared a cleanup plan that uses a blend of minerals that he says has been proven to deactivate nuclear radiation, as well as the use of extremophile microbes that essentially "eat" radioactive isotopes, rendering them harmless. Watts indicated that the first step would be the use of satellite and other specialized thermal imagery to locate the damaged reactor cores so that remediation efforts could be concentrated there. He is also worried that the radiation released into the ocean may be affecting phytoplankton, which accounts for 80% of the oxygen produced on the Earth, but the first order of business is to stop the radiation leak at its source, or no amount of remediation will be effective.

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