Dr. Rick Sheff

Dr. Rick Sheff


Dr. Rick Sheff is a nationally recognized healthcare leader and change agent. His dynamic presentations galvanize audiences to action. Known as a doctor’s doctor, his career has taken him from practicing family medicine to serving as a physician executive, to helping integrate complementary and alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Dr. Sheff has dedicated his life to healing patients and healing healthcare. He currently serves as principal and chief medical officer for The Greeley Company, a firm dedicated to helping physicians and hospitals provide outstanding care to the communities they serve.

A prolific author and nationally recognized thought leader, Dr. Sheff has coauthored 15 books and numerous articles and white papers on healthcare leadership, patient safety, and physician performance. Dr. Sheff is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Brown University residency program in family medicine. He was an undergraduate at Cornell University and recipient of the Keasbey Scholarship for the study of politics and philosophy at Oxford University. At the age of 60, Dr. Sheff professed vows as a monk in the Spirit of Peace interfaith monastic community.



Past Shows:

  • Spiritual Journey/ Concepts of God

    In the first half, George Noory welcomed author, family physician, and speaker, Dr. Rick Sheff, who discussed his spiritual journey and quest. As an atheist and scientist, he had a series of spiritual experiences that didn't fit into his web of belief, and these experiences...More »

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