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Presidential Timetraks/ Other Side Revelations

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In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist George Hart, who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, discussed the TimeTraks of the current batch of presidential hopefuls in relation to the results of Super Tuesday. Their presentation of TimeTraks (graphical snapshots or timelines) are now color coded with blue representing health and emotions, and yellow covering substantive changes in such things as visibility, prominence, and career, Guercio explained. The person who shows the most significant activity between now and 2020 is Bernie Saunders-- he has the kind of TimeTrak seen in people having the "time of their life," and his current popularity is demonstrated by the $42 million he's received in small donations, they noted.

There are a lot of younger Democrats that would like to see Sanders be the candidate, said Hart, and Guercio believes that something could happen to Hillary to knock her out of the running. Hart posited that the Republican establishment may try to block Donald Trump's nomination at the Convention this summer. As far as running mates and demographic considerations, "Trump would probably need to pick someone like Carly Fiorina, who has an extremely strong TimeTrak," said Hart. While Trump has strong activity in his chart through 2017, it tapers off quickly after that, which suggests to Guercio that though Trump will likely get the nomination, he'll lose the election.


In the latter half, Bronx-born plumber Tommy Rosa shared the tale of his extended near-death experience after being the victim of a hit-and-run incident. Lying by the road, he felt a tug whisking him off into a tunnel of light where he met his divine teacher and received a series of profound lessons over the 2-3 week period he was in a coma. The bearded teacher (whom he later identified as Jesus) telepathically communicated to him that he was there to learn about "love, life, and health." One of the teacher's most important revelations was that "each and everyone of us are all connected-- we're connected to God, ourselves, and each other."

They traveled to different places by thought (Rosa discovered that in this realm thoughts are considered actions), such as an ocean where he saw great white sharks circling him. But after he closed his eyes and got back in touch with the light, the sharks disappeared. The teacher informed him that whatever people are afraid of in life, they tend to attract to themselves, so that's why it's so important to have a positive viewpoint. Upon coming out of his coma, Rosa was faced with a difficult recovery, but eventually he came to realize he was imbued with new gifts as a spiritual counselor, and able to offer people intuitive medical readings. Around this time, he met cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, who has been exploring holistic treatment approaches, and the two teamed up to write Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth.

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