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Chemtrails & Morgellon's/ Apocalypse Cycles

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In the first half, biochemist and nutritionist Ted Broer spoke about an array of topics including secretive technology such as scalar waves, how transhumanism will turn humans into "bio-robots," and new studies on Morgellon's disease and a possible relationship to chemtrails. He tested rainwater samples from a lake in central Florida and found high levels of barium and aluminum, which he believes are added to the atmosphere via chemtrails. The aluminum could account for the increase of Alzheimer's that's been seen in recent years, he said. Broer also indicated that the chemtrail spray contains "biologicals"-- specifically a cross-domain species of plant-fungus-insect that he believes is responsible for Morgellon's.

The Tunguska explosion of 1908 may have actually been caused by an experiment by Tesla involving scalar waves from his Wardenclyff Tower, Broer postulated. Today, scalar fields can be produced by Project HAARP-type technologies which use phased arrays, that could for example, trigger earthquakes, he suggested. "What's interesting about the scalar waves is that they go through time-space...and have no time or distance variable. In other words, if you transmit a scalar wave right now from this planet to one a thousand light years away, it's there instantaneously," he marveled, adding that our prayers and thoughts can work similarly to scalar waves.


In the latter half, professor, author and Judaica scholar Ken Hanson discussed Easter, Passover, and the model for a 6,000 year cycle of apocalypse. He covered why we could be on the verge of a new apocalypse, how the message of Jesus plays into the scenario, and what we can do to stall or change the outcome of the current cycle. Civilizations from the past as well as today seem to be obsessed with the idea of the end, which he views as an ongoing cultural or religious archetype. Interestingly, according to ancient Jewish writings, there are two messiahs-- one is the son of Joseph, a suffering messiah where it's as if the whole universe must go through much travail to reach a new age, while the other messiah is the son of David, who can bring the world into a new glory without suffering and birth pangs, he detailed.

Hanson believes what happens in Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, is crucial to how human fate plays out. He expressed concern over possible plans to divide Jerusalem between Jewish and Arab sections, which he thinks could be a recipe for disaster. Regarding the dire prophecies in the Book of Revelation, 90% of them already had fulfillment in the first century, but we should be vigilant lest they repeat themselves, he noted. "I think we need to be united in the sense of Christians and Jews standing together against these forces [such as ISIS] that would seek literally a civilizational conflict to would bring us back to the 7th century, or worse," he added.

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