OKC Bombing & Timothy McVeigh/ Banshees & Creatures

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OKC Bombing & Timothy McVeigh/ Banshees & Creatures

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In the first half, freelance investigative researcher Wendy S. Painting, PhD, and writer/producer Holland Van den Nieuwenhof discussed their extensive research into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh, revealing startling new biographical details about McVeigh, and the stark contradictions and errors contained in previous depictions of the 'All-American Terrorist.' Van den Niewenhof stated there is much evidence to indicate the government was lying about the case, while Painting pointed out that numerous eyewitnesses said they saw McVeigh with a 'John Doe' accomplice on the day of the bombing, and yet surveillance tapes were missing in the court case. In public, McVeigh was changing his story to fit with the prosecutors, but in private, he was telling a different account that mixed five different narratives, which she outlined:

  1. McVeigh was the mastermind, and acted as a lone wolf, and drove alone to the Murrah building on April 19, 1995.
  2. McVeigh had help from 3-8 people, but took the fall.
  3. McVeigh and a group of people were being monitored by informants and intelligence agents who had some idea/warning that the event was going to happen.
  4. McVeigh himself was an undercover operative.
  5. McVeigh was a Manchurian Candidate, under some type of mind control.

One account suggested that a chemist was connected to the bombing, and there were claims that McVeigh had been implanted with a microchip. Around 2010, this chemist showed up on the UFO lecture circuit talking about alien implants, Painting reported. Van den Niewenhof said he was following up on leads that the OKC bombing was originally supposed to be tied to Middle Eastern terrorism and a Neo-Nazi connection.


In the latter half, author and curator Varla Ventura spoke about the folklore of banshees, werewolves, faeries, and other creatures of the night. She described the puca, a shape-shifting creature from the faerie world that often takes the form of a rabbit or a horse, or in Ireland a bird or crow. These 'tricksters' appear at certain times in people's lives to challenge their way of thinking, she noted. She related tales of werewolves to the Norse lore of "berserkers," who would consume a concoction to bring out their savage side before going into battle. Citing the work of early researcher, Sabine Baring-Gould, "we all have the propensity to become werewolves," tapping into the ferocious or furious side of human nature, Ventura suggested.

Banshees relate both to faeries and ghosts, and are said to be the mourning spirits of women who died in childbirth. "You can actually inherit a banshee. If your family for years has seen a banshee appear right before someone in your family dies or takes ill, you will continue to see that banshee," Ventura stated. While faerie entities are not particularly positive or angelic, there are cases such as Findhorn Garden, where faeries or elemental spirits were said to work magic on the plant growth. She also spoke about mermaids, ghosts, and the haunted reformatory, Preston Castle.

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