Fukushima & Preparedness/ Rock Star Deaths

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Fukushima & Preparedness/ Rock Star Deaths

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Author and mechanical engineer, Matthew Stein, is an expert in what individuals can do to prepare for worst case scenarios on all fronts including the economy, global climate change, and unexpected disruptions in central services. In the first half, he discussed the ongoing debacle of Fukushima - including background radiation rising, food chain contamination, and the targeting of whistleblowers. Conditions are far worse in Japan than the media is letting on, and the government there has placed a gag order, such that whistleblowers can go to jail if they reveal information about the dire situation, he reported. Further, doctors who submit a diagnosis of radiation poisoning from Fukushima victims, won't get paid by the government, he added. "The truth of the matter is that the health effects are horrendous, but we'll never know how bad they are because the government is obliterating any long term medical records," he lamented.

America is facing the same dangers that the Fukushima disaster brought to light, as many of its nuclear plants are either in flood zones or on fault lines. Additionally, many of America's nuclear facilities have gone past their life span of 40 years, and need to undergo an expensive decommissioning process, he cited. Stein shared accounts of brave whistleblowers in America's nuclear industry, and the negative consequences that "doing the right thing" had on their lives and careers. He also spoke about the possible effects of an EMP attack, and battling antibiotic resistant viruses and bacteria with the use of homeopathic treatments and colloidal silver.


In the second half, on the evening of Prince's death, rock historian R. Gary Patterson talked about the lore, mysteries, and conspiracies surrounding rock star deaths. The passing of music icon Prince "is a terribly sad story," that along with the deaths of a number of generation-spanning artists is making 2016 an especially tragic year, he commented. Curiously, Prince had recently decided to write his autobiography and felt under a rush to do it, Patterson noted. Prince's ex-girlfriend and musical protege, Vanity, had just died two months ago, at the same age as Prince, 57.

Patterson also spoke about the preponderance of rock star deaths at age 27, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and more recently Amy Winehouse. He pointed out the chilling numerological significance of 27, which translates as the number 9 (2 + 7 = 9), which represents accomplishment and being ready to leave or make a change. Patterson also talked about the occult interests of David Bowie, as well as a possible conspiracy involving the death of Hendrix. Jimi's death may have been orchestrated by his manager, who had taken out a two million dollar life insurance policy on him, he detailed.

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