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Managing Your Money/ Remote Viewing Discoveries

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Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts spoke with George about good financial planning and the world economy. Commenting on the current state of affairs with the UK possibly leaving the European Union, she thinks that it might cause other countries to leave, which could destabilize some markets, and affect the U.S., because of the financial connections between many European companies and their counterparts in America. She believes that Germany and Britain are the best able to stand on their own outside of the Union. The moves would be beneficial to some (such as currency speculators) and not so much for others.

Fitts believes that we are in a period of "enormous economic uncertainty" and that people should get rid of as much debt as possible and keep a one- to three-month supply of cash on hand in case of disaster. She also values tangible assets like food and other things that people would use for barter if the financial system breaks down for any significant amount of time. She suggests that individuals diversify their investments in many areas in order to guard against failure of any one of them. She believes that much of the current financial system in the U.S. is built on illegal transactions and criminal activity. Fitts says that we need to get other countries to trust us again to move forward on any sort of reform, because in the current state of affairs, our "enemies don’t respect us, and our allies don’t trust us."


Part two guest Robert Morningstar checked in to discuss his experiences in remote viewing (RV), lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel. Morningstar teaches classes in all three disciplines at the Edgar Cayce institute in New York City. He believes that remote viewing is "a survival function of the human race" and that "science has denied and shut it down." One of the books used in his teaching is Penetration by the "father of remote viewing" - the late Ingo Swann. Swann famously RVed some sort of alien structures on the far side of the Moon, and Morningstar tasked a few of his advanced RV students to look there as well. They also said that they detected evidence of an operation there by non-human entities, which is ongoing.

Morningstar says he has had lucid dreams which have saved his life. One was a dream about an auto crash which actually occurred a few days later. He was able to change a few small details in real life to deviate from the tragic details of the dream (such as borrowing a car that day which was a different color than the one in his dream.) He ended up surviving the six car pileup without a scratch. He refers to this strange self-preservation faculty as the "Master of the House," which he believes monitors the environment for any approaching danger. In another dream he saw a small being which looked like a demon and then felt as if he had been shot. He believes that this saved his life later when he almost became the victim of a robbery and murder involving a strange-looking child who tried to lure him into a conflict. Morningstar also addressed a disagreement with a group of his friends who are convinced that the Earth is flat. Among other reasons, he responded that "everything in the sky is round, so why would the Earth be flat?"

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