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Watergate Hoax/ Prehistoric Civilizations

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Thursday's first guest, Ashton Gray has spent many years investigating the circumstances and motives behind the Watergate break-ins of 1972, which ultimately led to the resignation of president Richard Nixon. The official story was that the Watergate "burglars" broke in to the offices of the Democratic National Committee (with Nixon’s knowledge) to plant bugs so that the Democratic party's election plans could be learned ahead of time. Gray claims that there was no "break-in" but that the so-called burglars wanted everyone to believe this to create the illusion that they were actually in Washington, D.C. at the time. Gray points to evidence that these men were in Morocco during these events, trying to take out Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard so that the CIA could steal his methods of psychic mastery and mind control. The illusion of the burglary, Gray believes, was to frame Nixon for an illegal wiretapping that never occurred. He says the fact the conspirators couldn't get their stories straight didn't matter, since "a confession in court trumps any evidence."

Gray says that eventually the CIA was successful because his evidence indicates that Hubbard was dead or incapacitated mentally, Nixon resigned, and three people who he says were all high-level Scientologists – Hal Puthoff, psychic Ingo Swann, and retired police chief Pat Price were immediately put under contract to begin research into remote viewing. Gray read an excerpt from a letter from Swann to Hubbard saying that his amazing psychic achievements could not have been possible without the help of Scientology. Hubbard claimed that those who reached the highest levels of his program could travel out of their bodies, perform mind-over-matter feats, and have control over others without their knowledge, which was exactly what that CIA wanted at the time. He thinks that we may never know the complete story of this period until the CIA is "dismantled brick by brick."


In the second half, Matthew Petti discussed his research, which has uncovered a remarkable story about the human race and a higher realm of existence. He believes that the evidence he has examined points to a superior race of humans who existed before recorded history, sometime between four to seven million years ago. He says that many ancient human civilizations left us a record of beings or gods which existed before their time. Unlike many other theorists, he does not believe that these "gods" were extraterrestrial – Petti thinks that they were a human race who did not use tools or language as we understand them. They had "extreme telepathic and telekinetic abilities" which enabled them to create a civilization with no written language or machines. When their race died out, the last remaining individuals taught (or tried to teach) these abilities to our ancestors. Petti believes that our best achievements are a shadow of this prehistoric culture.

Petti looks at the biblical tower of Babel story as a metaphorical reference to this situation, because the "universal" language of telepathy was lost when humans started to speak in different languages. Petti described his idea of the Great Pyramid of Giza as one of the only remnants of this civilization of pre-humans, and spoke of it as "a time portal and a God device." He also suspects that many more examples of this civilization's remarkable sophistication are still buried under the sands of Egypt. In conclusion, he expressed the idea that the power of this ancient race is still "within us, and we can change the world."

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