Nephilim and Hybrids/ Other Side Messages

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Nephilim and Hybrids/ Other Side Messages

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In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the Nephilim, giants, hybrids, and various anomalous skulls and creatures (view related photos and video). The Nephilim are the progeny of the fallen angels and have the ability to appear or shape-shift into whatever they want, he explained, adding that they have mated with human women over the ages, and yielded various hybrids, such as the giants. He spoke about his recent investigation into evidence of a giant handprint at the Lovelock Cave in Nevada. The local Paiute Indians have long had lore about cannibalistic giants in the area.

He offered analysis of game trail video footage from a Navajo reservation that shows a kind of apparition leaping into the air, which he characterized as a demonic manifestation or "ghost wolf." Marzulli also shared updates on the assessment and testing of the Paracas elongated skulls, as well as the strange winged creature, kept in formaldehyde by Jaime Maussan, which he views as a possible example of a demonic hybrid.


In the latter half, psychic, medium, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna discussed his work and the messages he receives and deciphers from the Other Side. In the current climate, he's been seeing people experiencing increased stress and fear, leading to the sense of things being out of control in their lives and around them. While he believes that a lot of hauntings and ghostly activity are due to people's own psychological issues, he does find genuine cases. Hauntings can be due to spirits being stuck in a place where a tragedy occurred to them, or they can simply be attached or attracted to certain energies of a home's residents, he cited.

Genna recounted how he communicated with both the spirit of Sergeant Joshua Ashley, who died while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan, and his Marine war dog, Sirius, who survived the incident. The communications were not only healing to the Ashley family, but yielded several 'war dog' songs put together by the Laurel Canyon Animal Company. Genna offered psychic readings to callers in the last hour, and pointed out that many people suffer from self-sabotaging beliefs about themselves that they've hung onto from an early age.

News segment guests: Craig Hulet, Dr. Gary Ridenour

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