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Overprescribed Drugs/ Spirit Guides

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In the first half, psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin spoke about techniques to overcome anxiety, as well as addressed the overprescribing of psychiatric drugs in the US. "We are in a catastrophic situation with psychiatric drugs right now," he declared, classifying them as "neurotoxins" (destructive to nerve tissue). The pharmaceutical empire has invaded the country, and teachers and the education system have been enlisted to identify students as having ADHD, ant they often end up getting put on drugs, he continued. Long term, all neurotoxins reduce quality of life over the years, he added.

He characterized the oft repeated adage that 'people have biochemical imbalances in their brains that are corrected by the drugs' as an outright lie. These psychiatric drugs actually put the brain into an imbalance, and impair the person's ability to evaluate themselves, Breggin suggested. "They've become anesthetized," and stop caring one way or another about their lives, he said. Because of the brain changes, withdrawal from these drugs can be very difficult, so people should go slowly with that, he advised. If you can find a way to open your heart, and be filled with love, it's impossible to be sad, depressed, or anxious, he mused.


In the latter half, Hans Christian King, a direct voice medium for more than sixty years, discussed his spiritual communications, how he works with guides and deceased spirits, and his new book Guided, about finding the intuitive voice of your soul. He has worked with one guide in particular, "Sebastian," since he was three-years old, though other guides have contributed as well, he detailed. These spirit guides really have a contingency plan for everything in your life, as they access a kind of "blueprint" each person has when they're born, he explained.

Most of the spirit guides he's encountered are here to help, and seek to overshadow people's negative "mind chatter" or imposed mind blocks. He does not believe hell exists, other than in the "mind chatter" condition we create for ourselves. "Dying is being born," King said regarding the transition of death. "We come from the spirit into this world with an agenda. We return home when we're done," having taken in lessons on the physical plane of existence. Interestingly, rather than reincarnating as a physical person in his next life, King would like be a guide serving from the Other Side.

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