Coming Ice Age/ Doors of Perception

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Coming Ice Age/ Doors of Perception

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In the first half, researcher Robert Felix, who's been predicting that the next ice age could begin any day, is now saying that day may have arrived. He shared evidence that Earth's climate is shifting, including news of advancing glaciers and forecasts of years of brutal winters ahead. One prominent Russian astrophysicist concurs with Felix's conclusions, declaring that "a new little ice age" has begun, he reported. There is a cycle to ice ages which occurs around every 11,500 years, with a major one every 23,000 years. The last one happened almost exactly 11,500 years ago, he pointed out. Also, a huge number of underwater volcanoes contribute to this climate change because they heat up the seas, he added.

In this coming ice age, the whole world will not be covered with ice, but it will affect areas in the North such as Canada. In the last ice age, such locations as Chicago, Seattle, Pennsylvania, New York State, and all of New England were covered in ice, and sea levels were much lower because the water was all going into ice sheets, and he expects to see a replay of this. The wheat fields and "bread baskets of the world" will be covered in snow and ice, and there'll likely be fights over food, he warned. We could also be in store for a magnetic reversal as the North Pole moves south, and such reversals are associated with increased volcanic activity, and species extinctions, he cautioned.


In the latter half, researcher into the borderline areas of human consciousness, Anthony Peake, spoke about states of consciousness and opening the doors of perception. Referencing the work of author Aldous Huxley, who was experimenting with psychedelics and perception back in the 1950s, he cited Huxley's conclusion that the human brain acts as a reducing valve, and that consciousness is much more expansive than we normally perceive. Peake came up with the "Huxleyian Spectrum," a scale that tracks various types of alternate or wider consciousness, often in people that have medical or neurological conditions, such as temporal epilepsy.

One of the interesting cases Peake documented was that of his own mother, who reported seeing a UFO-type craft, and then subsequently a grey-type alien, as well as strange "little people" following her, and in her home outside of Liverpool. He connected her visions to Charles Bonnet syndrome, in which the elderly with eyesight problems, and those first getting Alzheimer's, see particular types of hallucinations. In a sense, all perception is a kind of hallucination, he mused, and we could be living in a simulation, repeating our lives numerous times. If that was the case, such repetitions could explain the experience of deja vu, and other paranormal phenomena, he speculated.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Mish Shedlock

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