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Reanimation/ Monsterland

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Our definitions of death may have to change in the very near future. Joining Jimmy Church (email) in the first half, Ira S. Pastor, CEO of BioQuark and Reanima, discussed his companies' research and how neuro-reanimation after death may one day be possible. According to Pastor, a major flaw in current health research is its focus on finding a magic bullet to stop complex diseases. The pharmaceutical industry generates over one trillion dollars annually and most of that money trickles down into a handful of categories, including inflammation, immune response, fibrosis, thrombosis, and hemorrhaging, he explained. "None of that has anything to do with the causes of disease," Pastor said, noting the impossibility of curing a disease by affecting its output.

Pastor reflected on the importance of taking knowledge from the natural world in order to address various health issues. His company BioQuark is focused on developing biological drugs which mimic nature and organisms with regenerative properties. Many non-human organisms can lose organs or limbs and regenerate them with the complete structure and function of the original, Pastor explained. These regenerators can also reverse disease, he added. As an example, he pointed to salamanders which can turn cancer cells back into normal tissue. Pastor suggested cancer research should focus on the tumor reversion seen in nature instead of trying to kill the disease, as well as restimulating the regenerative capabilities in humans.


During the second half of the program, paranormal expert Ronny LeBlanc reported on strange occurrences in Leominster, Massachusetts, which is known as "Monsterland," home to sightings of UFOS, Bigfoot and orange orbs. LeBlanc shared the story of Betty Andreasson, who claimed to have encountered a marble-sized ball of light which attached itself to her head and relayed telepathic information. Near to where Andreasson lived was a cemetery where in 1967 a couple sighted a light hovering in fog over the graveyard. The man got out to investigate, discovered the light was a flying saucer, and was briefly immobilized before the UFO took off into the sky, LeBlanc explained.

He reported on Bill Penning, who happened upon a set of fresh human-shaped footprints in Leominster State Forest in June 2010. The prints showed something had exited the woods, crossed the path, then re-entered the forest, in order to follow a deer, LeBlanc disclosed, noting he later went back with Penning to find the tracks. The prints were 11 inches long and 5 inches wide, and sunk into the ground about 3 inches deep, he recalled. The stride was unusually long, he added. "I could not believe what I was seeing," LeBlanc said. He also pointed out that Penning had originally reached the prints in 45 minutes but somehow took between 2-3 hours to get back out of the forest.

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