Thanksgiving Secret Door II

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Thanksgiving Secret Door II

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On this festive night, George Noory tried to guess the identity of four surprise guests who were behind the secret door. First through the door was someone speaking in an Irish brogue, whom George correctly guessed was Steve Quayle. Working on a new episode for his True Legends series, he interviewed Zuni elders in the American Southwest who spoke about opening up "gates" for giants to come through. He also talked about his contention that after WWII, the Nazis formed a new country/ underground base called Neu-Schwabenland in Antarctica, and operated advanced aerial technology akin to UFOs.

The next person through the door performed a spot-on imitation of notorious caller J.C. Webster. George was stumped as to his real identity, which turned out to be the host of Cinema Insomnia, Mr. Lobo. He addressed the popularity of binge watching TV shows, and talked about how the movie business has become increasingly fragmented. Mirroring the country's widening divide between the poor and wealthy, films seem to be either low budget independents or bloated expensive epics, he commented. Comedies seem to be making a comeback of late, he added.

Third through the door, was a strange male voice named "Estelle" who spoke with a New York accent and insistently claimed not to be a previous C2C guest, but a New Jersey housewife who paid for $65 for a church parish prize to appear on the show. Producer Tom popped on to share that the guest had actually been on the show before...many times, but George was baffled. Estelle was finally revealed be none-other-than Ian Punnett. Ian then talked about his new true-crime book, which covers the 1936 murder of his family member Verna Garr Taylor, and recently received coverage in People.

Last through the door was stock market analyst Joe Meyer, whom George correctly identified. In the short term, he foresees the stock market going as high as 20,000 in the Dow. Eventually, there'll be a big correction possibly triggered by a rise in interest rates, or uncertainties with the EU and IMF, he cited. The Dow could drop back to 14,000 or even its year 2000 top-- 11,780, he continued. The American dream is not dead, but has been "very badly wounded," Meyer remarked, but "hopefully, we're now on a healing path to take care of that."

News guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Cal Orey

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