Predators in the Woods/ Open Lines

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Predators in the Woods/ Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researcher Steph Young in the first half. She contends that strange and highly unusual predators live in the woods and forests across the world, and are associated with numerous unexplained disappearances of people. She recently revealed her real identity after writing many books under the name "Stephen Young." Young recalled that she began her interest while researching time travel and supposed vortexes or time portals and found that many reported incidents seem to happen deep in forests and other remote areas all over the world. "You can look anyplace and you’ll probably find them," she said. She told of an area in Dartmoor in the UK where the 1970s saw a rash of reports of disembodied "hairy hands" that seemed to plague lonely travelers late at night.

Young is particularly interested in the famous Rendlesham Forest in the southern UK, famous for a reputed military UFO encounter in 1980. One researcher said that after a walk through Rendlesham, some sort of presence seemed to whisper his name in his ear and then followed him home, manifesting as growls and other disturbing occurrences. Another witness from the nearby military base observed what looked like a group of children in Halloween costumes, which appeared to change into larger and more sinister-looking figures. Young also recounted the story of occultist Nettie Fornaio, who was found dead in 1929 on the remote Scottish island of Iona on a hill known locally as the "Fairy Mound."


After the break, Dave described the recent death of his mother and how it affected him. He concluded that he really hadn’t lost her, because he can "see her every day in the faces of his children" and grandchild. During Open Lines, listeners called in with stories of their strange encounters. Johnny in California told of a terrifying Bigfoot experience in 1973 as a child on a camping trip. He said that he saw a creature about 25 yards away which let out scream "like nothing I’ve ever heard before." He added that he has had two more experiences and that he thinks that the creature is psychic. Mike from Wyoming told of a solo hunting trip where he could hear something following him, but couldn’t see what it was. There was snow on the ground but no tracks.

Carlos in Texas told the story of bicycling in a deserted rural area when he noticed someone jogging behind him "who seemed to be dressed in white in a sweatpants and sweater." He tried to pedal away, but when he looked back again there was a large white dog or wolf behind him. He looked again and it was gone. Dean in Idaho had a near death experience involving two "guys in white clothing" who appeared and asked him to go with them. Although it was the middle of the night, he could see though the wall of his house and it appeared to be midday outside. He said that "they impressed upon me that my time had come."

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