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Techniques of Mind Control/ Open Lines

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In the first half, historian, researcher, and specialist in esoterica, Peter Levenda, discussed the techniques of persuasion and mind control and how the methods have evolved to be used on a large scale. Levenda said that he has "always been fascinated by the intersection between politics and religion" and pointed out that one of the ultimate expressions of this idea was the rise of the Nazi party in Germany in the 20th century. He believes that they had all the trappings of a cult, even though they were not traditionally religious. Levenda thinks that there are definite parallels between the Nazis and the new wave of terrorist organizations such as ISIS. He described methods of political or spiritual conversions of individuals and groups and how the techniques are the same whether used by Nazis, terrorist organizations, or cult leaders like Charles Manson.

Levenda says that this form of mind control bypasses the intellect and "goes straight to the unconscious." He described the method as causing the victim to undergo stress or some degree of nervous tension and increasing it until the situation is almost unbearable. At that point, the cult leader or whoever is controlling the situation can offer an answer or path of relief so that the target is bound emotionally to them or their ideology. Levenda believes that techniques borrowed from western occult practices are now being subjected to "very sober academic work" in order to use the information to control large segments of the population, which is easier in an era of social media. Linda called in from Canada in the last half-hour and told of a creepy encounter she had with Jim Jones and his followers.


At the start of the second half, George told a story of synchronicity related to his broadcasting career. He recently found out that guest host Connie Willis was mentored into her radio work by a man who was instrumental in getting George his first job in a TV news station in the late 1960s. He also described how he went against his father’s wishes and switched his major from dentistry to broadcasting and how his father wouldn’t speak to him for two months when he learned of this. Justin in Tennessee called in to point out his observation that the story of Christ is paralleled in many other cultures. A tweeted question from "hauntedbycheese" asked what area of paranormal research George would pursue if he could. George said "Parallel universes and also the phenomenon of the ouija board."

Mike from New York state said he is convinced that laser pointers can bridge the gap between dimensions after he created a device to help him with his limited eyesight. Gary in California said that "Reagan micromanaged the presidency by astrology" and thinks that Donald Trump will do amazing things if he heeds the astrological portents. Frank called from Alabama to share that he has been in poor health and that Coast has been a comfort to him.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Michael Cremo / Peter Davenport.


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