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Illuminati Secrets/ Ghost Investigations

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Journalist Jim Marrs joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss the origins of the modern Illuminati, which he traced to a secret society founded in 1776, the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. According to Marrs, their philosophy, which he called illuminism, has continued and permeated various governmental systems and organizations. He cited Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler as two world leaders whose power was based on the practices of illuminism, which include establishing a New World Order, and abolishing inheritance, private property, and religion. Marrs also identified the triangle formed with the thumbs and forefingers made by certain world leaders as an important Illuminati symbol.

You will not necessarily find someone with membership in the Illuminati today, but a powerful clique who are trying to run the world do practice illuminism, Marrs continued, noting how even the tertiary echelon of politicians in Washington, DC, are wising up to the reality of this so-called shadow government. Marrs commented on threads of illuminism seen in pop culture and pointed out how the philosophy requires youth to be recruited and propagandized in order to flourish. "The United States is... the big roadblock in certain folks' plans to initiate their own rule of the world, which is come to be known as the New World Order," he said.


In the second half of the program, Gavin Kelly, host and lead investigator for the soon-to-be released original series on Amazon, "The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown," talked about what he does as one of the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters and their investigation of what (or who) is communicating with us beyond the Other Side. Phoning in live from an investigation at St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia, Kelly explained his group's approach to documenting the afterlife, the importance of research, and how understanding equipment helps avoid false positives.

According to Kelly, it is of paramount importance to dig into the history of a supposed haunted place, including locating pertinent death certificates, in order formulate specific questions that can help identify with whom one is communicating from the Other Side. Kelly talked about his team's use of TASCAM professional digital recorders to capture voices of the dead, and a piece of equipment which can detect frequencies around 19 Hz—a frequency not audible to humans but which may indicate ghost activity.

Kelly revealed why his group chooses to investigate at night. Daylight creates shadows making it hard to detect true shadow figures, he noted. Kelly also disclosed some of his findings from St. Albans which included a spirit manipulating a piece of equipment, as well as video of a headless, semi-translucent figure leaning against wall in the bowling alley wearing khaki pants with white tennis shoes. Kelly identified his favorite investigation as a jail where his team recorded a figure on the floor with a broken neck in the exact location where criminals were hanged.

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