Earthbound Spirits/ Open Lines

Earthbound Spirits/ Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMary Ann Winkowski, Open Lines

Real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski discussed earthbound spirits, negative energy and curses, and spirits that have crossed over in dreams. "When you dream of anybody that has died and they look happy... they are not stuck," she revealed, noting earthbound sprits cannot enter dreams. According to Winkowski, free will exists after death and the departed can choose whether or not they wish to cross over into the light. She shared a bizarre case involving a son and the earthbound spirit of his mother. The son believed his mother's spirit was upset because he did not give her the kind of funeral she had wanted, Winkowski reported. Upon visiting the son's house Winkowski was informed by the mother's spirit that her decomposing body was still in the house. The mother went into the light after a promise to get someone out to retrieve and bury her body, she added.

Winkowski spoke about negative energy, which she defined as energy purposely put around a person to cause problems related to health, money or relationships. She estimated within a ten miles of her location there is a 3-block area with store fronts where one can have somebody cursed for as little as five dollars. The person does not have to know they've been cursed, Winkowski explained, pointing out these curses absolutely do work as long as one is 18 years of age or older. "If you have a bad curse [from a spouse]... you will never have another relationship that will work," she said. Winkowski also delved into possession which she suggested can only happen when one is unconscious. Possession is common after anesthesia while in surgical recovery because so many spirits roam the halls of hospitals, Winkowski disclosed.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Travis in Reno, Nevada, revealed information he recently received about extraterrestrials. According to Travis, what we experience as extraterrestrials are actually humans with different bodies from another dimension. He suggested NASA's interest in the double star Theta Reticuli is because of a dimensional rift there where these beings can cross into our dimension. Eric from Indiana told George about his time at a Technicolor plant haunted by "jet black figures that would just materialize out of nowhere, walk about ten, fifteen, twenty feet, then dissipate." He wondered if the plant had been constructed atop an old cemetery that no one knew was there. Joe in British Columbia, Canada, revealed aliens are listening to earthly radio broadcasts and "they are very interested [in Coast to Coast AM]." Joe, who claimed to be connected with them as a UFO channeler, declared, "right now they are listening!"

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport



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