Coming of the Black Star/ Bible Prophecy

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Coming of the Black Star/ Bible Prophecy

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In the first half, independent researcher and Bible scholar Terral Croft, talked about his findings that an incoming celestial object will wreak havoc on Earth, including a geological pole shift. While some have referred to this approaching body as 'Planet X,' or Nibiru, he said it's not actually a planet, but a collapsed "black star." By examining seismic patterns and magnetic North Pole migration, he concluded that a gravitational/magnetic anomaly is moving through the inner solar system (currently near Jupiter) and is likely the remnants of our Sun's binary twin that went supernova millions of years ago.

While the object is only 2-3 kilometers in diameter, its matter is incredibly dense, and the object been coming into the inner solar system at regular intervals, he suggested. According to his modeling, the earth will start tipping on May 20, 2017, and a pole shift will occur. He advised people to be in a safe zone, and away from large bodies of water, and nuclear plants, at this time. After the pole shift, he continued, people will have several weeks to transition to an underground environment, in order to survive further changes. Croft also characterized 2011's Comet Elenin as a psychological operation that was tied to the 9-11 attacks.


In the latter half, author, journalist, and Bible prophecy expert, Erika Grey, presented prophecy news and analysis from a geopolitical perspective. The number 666, referred to in the Book of Revelation, signifies eternal death and damnation, and relates to the coming Antichrist, whom she said "will use technology to mimic God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit," and require people to take the "mark of the beast" to buy or sell. She believes the time of the Antichrist is coming soon, and he'll likely be a leader to emerge from the European Union.

The period of tribulation is coming, she warned, and it will include massive hail and fire, and a celestial object falling into the Earth's ocean, culminating with all water turning into blood. After Armageddon, when Jesus returns, the Antichrist will be thrown into a lake of fire, Grey said of the prophecy, adding that the Earth as we know it will be destroyed, and a new Heaven and Earth will be born.

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