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Pet Health/ Roswell & Alien Secrets

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Digital artist, blogger, lecturer, and founder of the world’s largest pet health page on Facebook called Planet Paws, Rodney Habib, discussed his journey looking for answers for the epidemic of cancer and diabetes in pets. He believes the diet most of us feed our pets is drastically eroding their health and longevity. The lifespan of dogs seems to be dropping in recent years-- for instance in the 1970s, dogs like the golden retriever lived to 17 on average, but today they only make it to around 9 or 10 years, he cited. Further, pet owners typically don't know there is something wrong with their animal (such as cancer), until it's too late. The obesity epidemic in America also affects pets-- around 60% of dogs and cats are overweight.

A concern about pet food is that the manufacturers aren't required to list the carbohydrate content in the ingredients, and some of the products on supermarket shelves are composed of 50 to 75% carbohydrates (or high starches), which the animal converts to sugar in its body, he lamented. One study showed that by feeding dogs some fresh vegetables or salad mixed in their kibble, it reduced bladder cancer rates by 90%, he marveled. In Finland, he continued, veterinary researchers conducted tests on feeding dogs fresh food versus processed/dried food, and their blood markers were much healthier when they consumed fresh or raw foods. Cats can have cancer/kidney problems from eating too much dry food, and pets tend to be over-vaccinated, he added. For more, check out a video of Habib's recent Ted Talk.


In the latter half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli shared newly revealed details about the Roswell UFO crash obtained from a deathbed confession, as well as reports of alien abductions, and hybrids among us. He was contacted by a woman named Carolyn who dismantles people's estates, and she said she worked with a "Colonel Hill," who had been an intelligence officer/interrogator during WWII. About a month before he passed away at age 90, he shared details with her about the 1947 Roswell crash. He claimed, Marzulli recounted, that he was flown into Roswell within 24-48 hours of the crash, and was tasked with trying to make contact with one of the surviving entities, which Hill described as having a large head, black eyes, and six fingers.

A witness named Al, who saw UFOs at a young age in Canada, and has had ongoing encounters/abductions since then, told Marzulli that he met a mysterious woman with wrap-around sunglasses, who whispered to him "They're listening... the Grays." She went on to tell him that she'd also been abducted and they were meant to meet. Later, he witnessed her eyes shape-shift, turning black and reptilian-appearing. Marzulli believes that the alien presence is actually interdimensional rather than extraterrestrial, and that they correspond with the malevolent Nephilim or fallen angels described in the Bible. For more, check out a trailer for his documentary series, "The Watchman Chronicles."

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