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Environmental Toxins/ Evolved Beings

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Attorney Alan Bell prosecuted drug and homicide cases for the state of Florida before developing multiple chemical sensitivity, and subsequently founded the Environmental Health Foundation. In the first half of the show, he detailed his own toxic exposure, and how he now advocates for victims of environmental injury. In the 1980s, his law office in Miami moved into a brand new building, and he developed such symptoms as sore throat, dizziness, and burning eyes/lungs. After consulting with over 100 doctors, and a multitude of tests, he was diagnosed as having a kind of blood poisoning, and initially because of his profession, it was thought to be an act of retribution by one of the criminals he prosecuted. However, when it turned out that many other employees had become ill in the same building he worked in, it was declared to be a case of "sick building syndrome."

Bell believes he breathed in toxic fumes from out-gassing new carpeting, glues, paints, and plastics, worsened by a lack of fresh ventilation. His case was so severe that he became hypersensitive to almost everything in the environment including pollen, mold, foods, and everyday chemicals, and he eventually had to live inside an isolated "bubble" in Arizona just to stay alive. After almost a decade, his condition improved substantially on anti-seizure medication and he was able to live outside the bubble. He cited that 7 out of 10 cases of cancer are caused by environmental exposure, and that the US lags behind other countries in regulating the safety of chemicals. He also talked about winning a case against a chemical company, in which he was able to prove their product used in flooring had cause the onset of ALS in a client.


In the latter half, Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the "Conversations with God" series, which have sold over ten million copies in 37 languages, spoke about his continuing communications, and how God, a form of pure energy that is the source of life and love, is trying to awaken the human species. Walsch believes the human race is being offered help by "highly evolved beings" from another dimension who will assist in protecting the planet during the critical times ahead. These beings have been interacting with us for millennia, and will not allow Earth to self-destruct, though it's possible, he conceded, that humankind could face some serious setbacks and difficult times.

God's purpose, Walsch stated, is not to direct human affairs or those of sentient beings on any of the other planets (which there are millions), but rather to allow beings to produce the outcomes of their collective and individual desires. "Your life is not about you...it has to do with everyone whose life you touch, and the way in which you touch it," he declared. Further, he has been told "that gratitude is the most powerful energetic signature of which sentient beings are capable, because it's a combination of love, and thankfulness and all the positive energies we can muster."

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Mish Shedlock

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