Alien Abductions & the Bible

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Date Host Richard Syrett
Guests Ali Siadatan, Michael E. Salla

Ali Siadatan had a close up UFO sighting in his native Persia which caused him to look deeper into the modern day UFO phenomenon, taking him from the origins of civilization to the prophetic future. He joined Richard Syrett to discuss the alien abduction phenomenon and how it relates to biblical stories, philosophies and prophecy.

At the heart of the modern UFO phenomenon is the abduction-hybrid program, Siadatan revealed, citing the research of Dr. David Jacobs, whose work documents the creation of alien-human hybrids and their integration into human society. Hybrid integration has to do with learning human functions, including how one should dress, operate a car, furnish a house, as well as questions of religion, music, and food, Siadatan explained. The abductees teach their hybrid children how to assimilate, he added. "This is about the creation of another race," he said.

Siadatan estimated about five to six percent of the American population have been abducted as part of the hybridization program. If you are an abductee, your children will also be abducted as the alien heads of the program follow certain bloodlines, he disclosed, noting a number of hybrids are created from each of the abducted. Siadatan detailed how hypnosis unlocks abduction memories which are pushed down and covered over by 'screen' memories. These screen memories, a form of mind control, seem to affect everyone. "The reason, for instance, we don't see the ships, the vehicles that are all around us... it's because our minds are held from seeing them," he suggested.

According to Siadatan, the hybrid population is growing quickly and becoming more influential in society. They are sexually active but it is unclear if they can reproduce, he added. Siadatan referenced passages from the Old Testament book of Genesis which speak about the sons of God mixing with the daughters of men to create a race called Nephilim to show the hybrid program has been around for millennia. The sons of God were physical beings with imperial influence of the human world who operated flying craft, he proposed. Siadatan encouraged listeners to expand their concept of the universe and break free of the spiritual realm paradigm.

Mystery Object Under Antarctica

First hour guest, exopolitics expert Michael Salla talked about a possible massive object hidden underneath Antarctica, and its implications if it turns out to be of ET origin. NASA's GRACE satellite discovered a magnetic anomaly beneath the ice cap which some believe is caused by the remains of a giant meteorite, Salla reported. Advanced machinery that uses space-time technology could also radically affect gravitational fields around it, he proposed. Salla detailed the account of a Navy witness who claims the Nazis constructed underwater bases beneath the Antarctic ice shelf. He also cited the U.S. Navy's Operation Highjump as evidence something was going on under Antarctica in the waning days of World War II. "There were at least two firsthand reports by naval personnel describing Navy ships and aircraft being attacked from flying saucers coming out of the water," Salla said.




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