Numerology & 2017/ Paranormal Beliefs

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Numerology & 2017/ Paranormal Beliefs

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Numerologist Glynis McCants is an expert in how patterns of events relate to the energy signature of specific numbers. In the first half, she discussed what to expect in the rest of 2017 for world events, leaders, and all of our lives. McCants began by pointing out that numerologically, this year’s number is "1," which symbolizes "full speed ahead" and that it also represents a loss of teamwork and increase in competitiveness. She continued with the idea that your birth year determines your "life path" number, which can provide guidance if you know how to use the information. For example, she declared that George’s birthdate is the source of his inquisitive nature.

Moving into the world of politics, she said that, based on his birth numbers, the president should get off of Twitter, to watch what he says and that his personality is that "he wants to feel like he’s winning," which is incompatible with the pressures of the office and of politics. She continued with a look at Vladamir Putin, who she sees as "a strategist - he plans it out," based on his birth number which she says contains a double seven. McCants said that North Korean leader Kim Jung Un has a "life path" of 4, which is actually compatible with Trump, and that he wants to feel like he’s winning and desires a great deal of respect. She cautioned against getting in any conflicts or arguments in the month of May, which she believes "is going to move really fast." In the last hour, McCants gave advice to callers based on their birth numbers.


In the second half, sociology professors Christopher D. Bader and Joseph O. Baker discussed details of their survey about paranormal beliefs among various groups and ethnicities in the US and why some Americans believe in or have experienced such things as ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, psychic phenomena, astrology, and the power of mediums, while others do not. At the beginning both guests emphasized that they did not set out to prove any reality behind the paranormal since they are sociologists and their expertise lies in the study of people’s beliefs and how they develop those beliefs. Bader said that he used to watch the 1970s program In Search Of… when he was a child, and that this was part of what inspired him to study the paranormal from a sociological perspective. Baker recalled that he began wanting to study religion and "moved into the paranormal."

Bader and Baker are not only researchers of dry data, they have also participated in ghost and bigfoot hunts, and attended conferences of paranormal researchers. They learned of the huge divide in the Bigfoot research community between those who believe the creature is a physical entity and others who think it is more of a spiritual or paraphysical being, and how much the two groups can’t stand each other. On a Bigfoot hunt in Texas, they both heard something knocking on a tree and smelled something so horrible that Baker said "you couldn’t avoid it." Bader has joined UFO abduction support groups who occasionally accused him of either being a skeptic or even working for the government, although he said that some members actually contacted him privately to relate their stories. He believes that belief in paranormal subjects will continue to increase and "be a much bigger part of our culture."

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