Giants: Hidden Evidence/ Underground Reptilians

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Giants: Hidden Evidence/ Underground Reptilians

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle joined by documentarian Timothy Alberino spoke about their investigation into the evidence for giants, in such locations as the American Southwest and on the island of Sardinia (view related trailer). Where are all the bones and skulls of the giants? According to Quayle, a former Smithsonian employee revealed that the Institute has some 149 million "out of place" historical and scientific artifacts, stored in fourteen different warehouses. "The cover-up [of the giants] is coming apart at the seams," Quayle remarked, with witness reports coming out of the jungles in Brazil and the Far East. Knowledge of the giants rewrites the history of the world, and suggests a non-evolutionary model, he added.

Traveling to Sardinia, off the Italian coast, Alberino said they interviewed people who claimed they dug up the bones of 9-15 ft. tall giants, amid megalithic ruins. Some of these witnesses said they were hired by the government to do the excavations, and subsequently all of the bones were either sequestered or destroyed, Alberino added. The giants were known to be cannibals, Quayle noted, and according to some texts they were destroyed by angelic beings, as well as through battles with each other. Alberino also spoke about their dialogues with some of the Pueblo people, as their team investigated the mystery of what happened to the Anasazi Indians, who disappeared in the desert Southwest.


In the latter half, UFO researcher John Rhodes (aka "The CryptoHunter") discussed reptilian humanoids and a secret underground empire which consists of alien cultures and lost civilizations, as well as his 'CryptoHunter's Toolkit.' He characterized the Reptilians or Reptoids as scaled bipedal beings 6.5 to 7.5 tall, with lean muscular builds, 4-fingered hands, and almond-shaped eyes with slits. They may have evolved on Earth in a parallel evolution, he suggested, and their presence explains many of the myths of gods walking among humans.

Rhodes believes Earth was originally a Reptoid-dominated planet, but after a disaster on Mars, the situation changed. The Reptoids, he said, have been in a long standing conflict with another group called the Elders, in a cyclical war in ritualistic form. Primarily communicating with whistling sounds, and clicks, the Reptoids can also project plasmas in 3D shapes that enter people's heads as a kind of life-changing "download," he revealed. Speaking of his investigatory toolkit, Rhodes said it's important to shoot photos of anomalies at different frame rates, and use a secondary non-digital camera. When trying to communicate with UFOs, he added, try flashing them with a UV light or something unusual in order to spark their curiosity.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Howard Bloom, Paul Guercio

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