Nuclear Apocalypse/ Spirits & Negative Energies

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Nuclear Apocalypse/ Spirits & Negative Energies

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In the first half, author and editor Bob Gleason discussed his extensive research into post nuclear apocalypse and how current events are aligning to provide a very real possibility of a nuclear event in the United States. Detailing the likely chain of events that could lead up to it, he cited the problem of poor security at many nuclear plants in the US. Terrorists in Pakistan-- al Qaeda/Taliban units, have already attacked and blown up parts of several Pakistani nuclear facilities, he reported, and these plants were protected by military, whereas in the US, the plants are merely secured by "rent-a-cops."

One of the things we learned from the Fukushima incident is that "it's shockingly easy to meltdown a nuclear power plant," such as by blowing up the cooling pumps, he warned. Through an increasing number of options, terrorists might obtain nuclear bomb-fuel and cobble together a crude attack weapon, he continued. Democracies are very fragile, Gleason remarked, and if there was an act of nuclear terrorism in the US, it could become the pretext for a military takeover. Organizations like al Qaeda might spend up to 10 years planning a nuclear attack on the US, yet this kind of aggression doesn't leave any DNA, so it might be difficult to figure out who was behind it, he added.


In the latter half, psychic, medium, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna delved into his work involving spirits, hauntings, and cases of possession, as well as negative energy centers. He believes there's been an acceleration of negativity and torment on the planet right now, with anger and rage coming to the surface and people reflecting the situations around them. It was recently discovered that a major medical center in Jackson, Mississippi has 7,000 bodies buried underneath it -- patients from an insane asylum, built in 1855. This site is not only haunted but radiates intense negative energy, he declared, along with other hotspots in the world where violence or devastation has taken place.

Interestingly, when it comes to cases of possession or attachments, Genna suggested that it relates to a person's negativity, which sends out "red flags" and draws people or spirits to you that exacerbates the dark energy. Discarnate spirits don't actually enter a person's body or take them over-- people actually create their own demons, and become possessed by themselves, he explained. When it comes to acts of terrorism, he posited that each person has elements of Cain & Abel in them, and the "Cain" side emerges out of pain, no longer caring about life, and the loss of compassion.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates

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