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Geopolitics & Current Events/ Secret Space Program

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In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet offered commentary on conflicts all over the globe, and what is behind them, and also reported on documents indicating that government agencies are hiring and training people to promote specific agendas, posing as individuals on social media, and as talk radio callers – such usage of citizens was once illegal, but Huet said that President Obama overturned the 1947 law which forbade it. George and Hulet lamented the loss of traditional journalism in America and cited legendary reporters and anchormen like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, who Hulet referred to as "the greatest one that America has ever produced." He believes that the government is run for the benefit of a few major corporations who control who gets on the ballot, so that it does not matter who is ultimately elected. He pointed out that Vladimir Putin recently said that "it doesn’t matter who the president is" because the real power is not vested in the office.

Hulet does not believe that North Korea is a threat to the U.S. because "we count on China to keep him under control" and that dictator Kim Jong Il knows it. He also stated that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan will never end as long as American companies have contracts for mining, and interest in oil pipelines there. The only enemy of the corporate, global state he believes, are "nationalist leaders who care about their people." He contends that there is little difference between organized crime and banking, and warned that 100 million adults in America will "never be employed again" because of what he sees as the corporatist policies of the government. He warned listeners that the most important tactic for survival in the future is to get out of debt.


In the second half, Dr. Michael Salla joined the program to discuss the secret space program and the life of UFO researcher Bill Tompkins, who was 94 at the time of his death early Monday morning in San Diego. Salla claimed that Tompkins was recruited in 1940 at age 17 into the Navy, and was sent to the Vultee company to learn about experimental aircraft design and construction. He then went to work for Douglas Aircraft where, as claimed in his book, he was under the telepathic guidance of "Nordic" aliens who helped him with his air- and spacecraft designs. Salla believes Tompkins was assigned to these secret programs with a secret rank of Lieutenant Commander. In contrast to those who think that Tompkins may have been murdered for revealing too much, Salla believes that "more likely than not it was the natural process" of getting old.

Salla outlined his belief in the reality of a secret space program that began in the 1940s, when he thinks that German scientists and engineers traveled to the continent of Antarctica to build and fly advanced space ships and that by the late 1940s, they were sending spacecraft to other planets "and the outer parts of the solar system." He claims that captured Nazi scientists like Wehner Von Braun knew about this program, which has advanced to the point where we can now travel through time and space at will. As one of the founders of the exopolitics movement, Salla considers it a branch of standard political science, which is his area of expertise. Like many in the movement, he believes a revelation of alien contact from governments around the world is imminent.

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