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Alternative Health Tips/ Seth Messages

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In the first half, registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. He spoke about the importance of the heart organ-- "it's actually an energy field," he said, that "puts all the body's cells into the appropriate frequency." The heart is a generator of coherent energy, whereas disease, has a chaotic energy, he cited. Prescription drugs, he added, are also a chaotic force within the body, in contrast to most vitamins, minerals, and supplements, which are coherent.

Many people end up having their gall bladders removed, sometimes unnecessarily, noted Fuchs, but the organ and its bile fluids plays a vital role in digestive health. Lowering your cortisol or your stress response can help improve one's health, he continued, and one can activate the healing aspects of the parasympathetic nervous system by practicing slow, deep rhythmic breathing or taking a hot shower or bath.

Hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost believes he communicates with the spirit "Seth," who was previously channeled by Jane Roberts. In the latter half, he discussed new messages from Seth regarding the awakening of humanity, as well as how to create positive realities. In 2002, one of Frost's hypnosis clients began to channel Seth during meditation sessions, and this ability was later transferred to him. The spirit entity, who could be thought of as an extra-dimensional being, decided to come forward after the events of 9-11, with concerns that humanity might be on a path of self-destruction, Frost reported.

According to Frost, Seth is currently concerned about certain political leaders who are in a human body for the first time, and are mainly looking for personal gain and wealth, and do not have the best interests of humanity. The big enemy is the "feudal system" of wealth, as well as negative media, Seth has said. Regarding the critique that he is not channeling the real "Seth" because the spirit said he would not speak through anyone other than Jane Roberts, Frost clarified that Seth's mandate only applied while Jane was still alive (she died in 1984). During the last hour, callers addressed questions directly to Seth as channeled by Frost.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Peter Davenport

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