Weather Modification/ Dreams and Dreaming

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Weather Modification/ Dreams and Dreaming

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In the first half, George spoke with weather expert Scott Stevens, who was reporting conditions in his small town in Idaho to area TV stations as a teenager. By his senior year in high school, he was working at the local station as a studio camera operator and then a photographer for the news department. Stevens was eventually fired from his job because of his unorthodox interests. He discussed the emerging effects and damage from hurricane Harvey and its control by what Stevens believes was artificial weather modification. Stevens noted the strange behavior of hurricane Harvey, and how it did not move in a predicted track as most other storms as it dumped a (U.S.) record 52 inches of rain on southern Texas in the past week. He believes all major storms are controlled like "a spinning top on a table" and are moved by the application of energies applied to them by weather modification technology.

Stevens said that the history of weather modification began in the mid-20th century as world powers tried to gain an understanding and control of weather patterns to get an edge in wartime. Stevens says he sees artificial "geometric patterns" in large storms that repeat each time and "always have the same signature." He also pointed out his admiration for and belief in the work of outsider scientist Wilhelm Reich and his theory of "orgone" energy and its ability to modify the weather by shifting energies in the environment. "Orgone is the key to how this is done," he said. Stevens believes that commercial aircraft are the main instruments of weather modification at this time and that all aircraft are equipped with simple equipment to affect weather patterns.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley joined the program in the second half to discuss her research into dreams and dreaming. She said that her interest began when she was a child and her mother began to report precognitive dreams to her which predicted negative things like accidents and deaths in the family. Soon, she was studying the world of dreams and performing experiments with her own dreams and those of friends. Since we are asleep for almost a third of our lives, Guiley thinks that the experiences in dreams are meaningful to us in our waking lives as well. She also believes that some are not merely the mind attempting to work out issues and concerns, but can actually be the result of "experiences in alternate realities."

Improving our lives through dreaming can be as simple as setting "some intention before we go to sleep" she said. Upon waking, many will find that a question or problem has been resolved with a clarity that did not exist previously. Guiley also reported that healings and meetings with soul mates that later turn out to come true in real life have been documented. On the darker side, she says that "dream invasion" can happen when entities or spirits enter dreams uninvited and cause distress. She also suggested the possibility that governments may use dream invasion practices as psychological warfare, since, as she remarked, "the techniques have been known since ancient times." Guiley also addressed the concept of the afterlife as "the next stage in the evolution of the soul."

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