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Biblical prophecy expert Carl Gallups joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss things you may have never known about the Bible and prophecy. Gallups began the conversation by defining the Hebrew word elohim, which can be translated as God or gods depending on context. When it is plural and lowercase, 'gods' refers to the angelic realm, he noted. In the book of Genesis, when God says, "Let us...," he is being inclusive of this angelic realm, Gallups explained.

His latest book, Gods & Thrones: Nachash, Forgotten Prophecy, & the Return of the Elohim, tackles the topic of the reality of spiritual warfare. According to Gallups, the angels who were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer are behind much of what we see played out on the global stage. "The fallen elohim who are following Satan are the powers behind the thrones of the geopolitical occurrences of today's world," he said.

Gallups suggested we are living in the most prophetic time since the first coming of Jesus Christ. "The convergence of prophetic happenings jumping right off the pages of scripture and testified in the headlines of our mainstream media is absolutely staggering," he declared. The demonic outpouring is scrambling for power because they know their time is short, he added.

Gallups revealed how the Hebrew world for serpent (Satan), nachash, can also mean a human who is serpent-like, cunning, and deceitful. He reported on how the Arch to the Temple of Baal, destroyed by ISIS but rebuilt as a replica, was presented in major cities across the world, including London, New York, and Dubai, and always around significant events. "It's like Baal... is taking a victory march around the globe in these prophetic times," he said.

The Truth About Ty Cobb

In the first hour, author and baseball expert Charles Leerhsen set the record straight on controversial baseball great Ty Cobb, who has been portrayed as a racist and monster in the years since his death in 1961. According to Leerhsen, while not an angel, much of what we think we know about Cobb has been built on inaccuracies.

The notorious baseball legend was said to have pistol-whipped any black person he encountered on the street, and even to have killed a black waiter in Cleveland for being uppity. The Cleveland incident traces back to a fight he had with two hotel employees, Leerhsen revealed, noting "those two guys were white that he fought - this fight had no racial overtones." In addition, Cobb descended from a long line of abolitionists, supported blacks in baseball, and attended Negro league games, Leerhsen disclosed.

Dr. Tim Ball appeared throughout the program to provide updates on Hurricane Irma.

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