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Tarot & Therapy/ Open Lines

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Expert in the psychology of awareness and a published author and artist of tarot, Art Rosengarten discussed his interactive approach to helping others be intuitive, stimulating and supportive. Rosengarten explained the history of the tarot as "the esoteric side of playing cards," and that the deck is composed of symbols that are archetypes–in other words they are images that we all carry in our subconscious. He said that he sometimes uses tarot cards in his therapy sessions with clients, but only those who have progressed and whose issues are appropriate for the methods used. Rosengarten believes that the cards are not specifically used for telling the future, but are more like an assistant to deep thought about the world and our psyches, He described it as "kind of an alien intelligence that’s coming from inner space."

Many of the cards have hidden meanings that address deep issues. Rosengarten used the example of the Death card, which he said represented both and ending and a rebirth, pointing out that there is a sun rising in the background of the image on the card. He thinks that the card that represents the state of the United States and most of the world at this time is the Tower (reversed) which he said means that we are "stuck in the dungeon and we are being attacked." The lightning striking the tower indicates that we must "use the primal consciousness of lightning and make a radical change." In the second hour, Rosengarten did live tarot readings for callers.


During Open Lines, Gene called in from Tennessee to report on a Friday the 13th camping trip he took many years ago in the Great Smoky Mountains. He recalled an orb of light that floated around an adjacent campsite before it approached him. He said that the next day, lightning struck the other campers and killed some of the group. Mary in Illinois told George about her years of bad luck on this unlucky day, all involving auto accidents. She said that her car had been scraped by an unknown driver just that afternoon. Michael called in to recount a creepy story of something he couldn’t see trailing him across snowy fields at night and making a sound like "the tail end of an elk’s bugle and the sound of hitting a metal pipe." He made it back to the house and couldn’t get to sleep until early in the morning.

In the second hour of Open Lines, Charles from Texas pointed out that the tradition of the "unlucky" Friday the 13th may have begun with a purge of Templar Knights in France on October 13, 1307. Alvin told of recent sightings of five apparent bigfoot-type creatures walking around Fresno, California. He said that the witness remembered that one of the entities was carrying a live pig, but dropped it when it tripped over an exposed pipe. Alvin stated that "there’s a lot of things going around here." Tobin in Illinois said that the day after a black cat crossed his path, he lost his job. Sherry in North Carolina tweeted a question about how George dealt with bad luck. He replied that he didn’t believe in it.

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