Messages from Beyond/ Civil War Ghosts

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Whitley Strieber, Rich Newman

In the first half, author Whitley Strieber discussed unusual occurrences in his life, the concept of alien-human hybrids, the latest in ufology, as well as evidence that proves to him that his late wife, managing editor and founder of, Anne Strieber, consistently contacts and shares thoughts with him from the afterlife. Earlier, they had discussions that if one of them should die they would try to reach the other from beyond through messages sent to mutual acquaintances. And that, according to Whitley, is what happened with a call from a friend, saying that Anne seemed to reach out to her in her mind and ask her to call Whitley and tell him that she was OK. The friend did not know that Anne had died just an hour and a half earlier. These type of incidents continue to happen in the years since she passed away, Whitley said.

He talked about the odd effects of his alien implant, which radiates energy in the terahertz frequency, and seems to be causing the left side of his body (where the implant is) to age more quickly than the right. He also believes the implant fosters communication from the Other Side with his wife. Strieber is impressed with the announcement of Tom DeLonge's new group featuring insiders from the aerospace industry, and the Department of Defense to study UFOs and related technology.


Rich Newman has been investigating the paranormal for over ten years and is the founder of the group Paranormal Inc. In the latter half, he shared his research of numerous Civil War locations with reported supernatural activity, and why so many souls linger long after death. Gettysburg, in particular, is a "mecca for ghosthunters," as well as many other battle sites like Shiloh, he noted. The combination of emotional and tragic events, combined with specific environmental factors seem to be why some places are more haunted than others, he explained. Elements in the rock and land, coupled with running water carrying different charges, makes certain areas act almost like a battery for ghostly activity, he continued.

Residual-type ghosts seem to be locked in a moment of time, he cited, while others appear to be lost spirits who have some awareness and reactions to the living. Three Union spies who were captured in Gettysburg were hung from the Sachs Covered Bridge, and in the subsequent years, people have seen something hanging there, or felt something brushing against them as they walk along, as well as heard cries, moans, and gunshots, he recounted. In Spotsylvania, the spirit of General Stonewall Jackson is said to haunt the house where he died after being accidentally shot by his troops, Newman added.

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