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In the first half, registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. It has recently come out, he reported, that it was known more than 50 years ago that sugar was one of the main culprits of heart disease, but instead the sugar industry hid this connection and pushed the blame onto fats. We can "hack into" our sugar drive, he suggested, by eating more protein, which, like sugar, provides energy to the body, albeit in a slower mode.

One of the best strategies for anti-aging and dealing with anti-inflammatory diseases is to eat smaller portions of food, he noted. Zinc is especially important for the brain, Fuchs pointed out, and deficiencies in it have been associated with schizophrenia. Zinc lozenges are especially good for sore throats, he added. Acupuncture can be incredibly effective and it works by readjusting and redirecting the body's electrical energy system, he revealed.


In the latter half, numerologist Glynis McCants talked about what December and 2018 may have in store for world events and leaders, as well as how to discovery one's "Intensity Number" from their name. By looking at the numbers that correspond to your full name (see related chart), one number may come up more than others, and this can have special significance, she said. Speaking of President Trump's conflicts, she noted he was born on a "5" day but is a "4" lifepath, and this indicates duality in his personality, and may account for some of his remarks that seem to shift.

She has characterized 2017, a "1" cycle, as the "the year of the whiplash," and certain people have been overwhelmed by the turn of events this year. These are often people with "2" as a significant number for them, she explained, and they are emotionally hit by the divisiveness, as they are more drawn to the spirit of working together. Rather than running out of time for the year, McCants declared that the month of December 2017 could actually be a good period to accomplish things, as it promotes ambition, and the ability to communicate. Glynis' toll free number is 1-877-686-2373.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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